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Toots and Poots in a World Full of Snoots, The Amazing True Story of One Boys Gas-tly Abilities Diary of a Kindergarten Grade Farting Ninja von Charles, Susan G. (eBook)

  • Verlag: Rapps
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Toots and Poots in a World Full of Snoots, The Amazing True Story of One Boys Gas-tly Abilities

This children's book may instigate farts, flatulence and lots of laughter too. And it's the perfect book to grab the attention of reluctant readers too. Read on to find out more about a boy named 'Toots', his adventures into the gas-tly arts, and the lessons he learned 'in the end'! Your kids will love this kids fart book - and they might learn something too! And it might even encourage reluctant readers to join in and read as well! READER REVIEWS: 'I can't thank this book enough for opening my sons interest to the wonders of reading.' 'I read the book to my Grandson, and he asked to hear it again and again. That's indicating to me that it is a good story!' 'Book to keep in any parent's Kindle, I say!' 'Such fun and so Gas-tly!' 'It's silly, enjoyable and truly an extraordinary childrens book!' Call it what you will - farting, flatulence, passing gas, poot, toot, fart, air biscuit, booty bomb, bubblers, gas, flatus, poo gas, ripsnorter, silent but deadly (one of my favorites), smelly jelly, stinker, trouser trumpet, wild wind, etc. - we're all talking about the same thing here - farting! 'Toots and Poots in a World Full of Snoots: The Amazing True Story of One Boys Gas-tly Abilities' is the story of a kindergarten aged boy, Timothy Oscar O'Toole, AKA, Toots, who has a talent for farting - a skill he obviously loves to share with all his friends. This fart story will have kids rolling on the floor with laughter. Who knew farts, poots, tooting, flatulence and farting could be so much FUN!!!!


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