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Canopy of Hope von Peterson, Wayne (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 20.03.2017
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Canopy of Hope

When our sun becomes unstable, mankind launches a starsip to go to a remote star system. We can flee the coming nova, but can we escape human nature?


    Format: ePUB
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    Seitenzahl: 352
    Erscheinungsdatum: 20.03.2017
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781483596532
    Verlag: BookBaby
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Canopy of Hope

CHAPTER 1 "Real loss leaves pain that won't go numb. There is no anesthesia." - From the Journal of Choop Miles The day the planes fell from the sky became known as Day Zero in the same way an American might say "9/11" or, from an earlier generation, "D-day". Civilization was never the same after that day. The entire world refers to that day as "Day Zero". The solar flare that caused the destruction was the most powerful ever recorded. The immediate effect noticed by an average person was planes falling from the sky. At the time of the flare there were more than 8000 planes in the air, over 6000 of them commercial airliners. The planes' computers were totally disabled, in most cases burned out. The only planes that didn't fall from the sky were those free of computer technology. As if thousands of planes full of innocent victims falling from the sky was not bad enough, there were other long-reaching effects many didn't grasp initially. The flare destroyed satellites surrounding the globe, all 1100 of them, at once. This meant GPS satellites that functioned as "time servers" to provide time to electronic devices no longer worked. But these satellites also served a much more important function, they guided military devices. Ballistic missiles, drones, and nuclear submarines suddenly had no dependably fast and accurate way to determine location. The importance of such things became clear when Martial Law was declared by every country in the world. The inability to wage war in a clinical fashion unnerved the leaders of the world. The destruction of a significant percentage of the computers running America's infrastructure made normal life almost impossible. The Earth's gravitational field protected many computers if they were inside thick walled buildings, particularly on the back side of the planet, but overall the effect was devastating. ~ ~ ~ Choop Miles woke to the sound of his mother dying. He was in deep REM sleep when he heard it, so it was more like the memory of hearing a sound. Not like the sound of the house settling or the tree limb scraping against the window; this was not a normal 'bump in the night' kind of sound. Even though it seemed to come from his memory, he knew it was loud, extremely loud. He didn't know his mother had just died, of course. She wasn't the only one to perish. The Boeing 737 had 118 unlucky souls on board when it fell from the sky onto the Burger King where his mom worked. What he did know was that an enormous sound had awakened him and there was yelling and screaming outside. He got out of bed and looked out the window. People in their pajamas were milling around, pointing and shouting. Most were pointing towards a glow in the sky. He opened the blinds fully to get a better view. His heart skipped a beat when he was able to discern the approximate location of the glow. "Oh no, Mama," he whispered. He was always comforted by the fact he could just make out the top of the Burger King sign, six blocks away. Knowing she was there cleaning up after the other workers left gave him a feeling of pride. It was her second job and he was aware how hard she was working to support her only child. He couldn't see the sign now. A massive orange glow seemed to stretch for many blocks from right to left. He turned to look at his clock only to discover there was no electricity. His mom got home around 2am. He had gone to bed at 10pm, immediately after Myoki, the other renter of the old two story house, had checked on him as agreed with his mother. Maybe it was 2am and his mom was on the way home. Maybe she was not a part of that horrible glow.

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