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Demon Cycle 3-Book Bundle von Brett, Peter V. (eBook)

  • Erschienen: 10.02.2015
  • Verlag: Random House Publishing Group
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Demon Cycle 3-Book Bundle

One of the most exciting new sagas in epic fantasy, The Demon Cycle became a phenomenon with readers and launched the brilliant career of New York Times bestselling author Peter V. Brett. With the popularity of this groundbreaking tale of demons and destiny growing with each book, now is the time to catch up from the beginning with the first three novels in one convenient eBook bundle: THE WARDED MAN THE DESERT SPEAR THE DAYLIGHT WAR Also includes a preview of the fourth book in The Demon Cycle, The Skull Throne! As darkness falls after sunset, the corelings risedemons who possess supernatural powers and burn with a consuming hatred of humanity. For hundreds of years the demons have terrorized the night, slowly culling the human herd that shelters behind magical wardssymbols of power whose origins are lost in myth and whose protection is terrifyingly fragile. It was not always this way. Once, men and women battled the corelings on equal terms, but those days are gone. Night by night the demons grow stronger, while human numbers dwindle under their relentless assault. Now, with hope for the future fading, three young survivors of vicious demon attacks will do the unthinkable, stepping beyond the crumbling safety of the wards to risk everything in a desperate quest to regain the secrets of the past. Arlen Bales will pay any price, embrace any sacrifice, for freedom, and his grim journey will take him beyond the bounds of human power. Crippled by the demons that killed his parents, Rojer Inn seeks solace in music, only to discover that his instrument can be a weapon as well as a refuge. Wanting to cure the sick and injured, Leesha Paper overcomes great hardship to become a guardian of old world science, learning that what heals can also harm. Together, they will stand against the night. Praise for The Demon Cycle The Warded Man ',There is much to admire in Peter Brett's writing, and his concept is brilliant. There's action and suspense all the way.'Terry Brooks ',A gripping adventurea very promising start to a new series.'Locus ',[A] fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable dark fantasy.'The Miami Herald The Desert Spear ',Inspired, compelling, and totally addictive: the most significant and cinematic fantasy epic since The Lord of the Rings.'Paul W. S. Anderson, director of Resident Evil: Afterlife ',Peter V. Brett is one of my favorite new authors.'New York Times bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss ',Fans of epic fantasy in the tradition of Robert Jordan and George R. R. Martin will enjoy the arrival of a strong voice in multivolume epic fantasy.'Library Journal The Daylight War ',[Brett] confirms his place among epic fantasy's pantheon of greats amid the likes of George R. R. Martin, Steven Erikson, and Robert Jordan.'Fantasy Book Critic ',Highly entertaining, fast-paced, and action-packed.'SF Site ',[Brett is] at the top of his game.'Tor.com


    Herausgeber: Random House Publishing Group
    Untertitel: The Warded Man, The Desert Spear, The Daylight War
    Sprache: Englisch
    Format: ePUB
    Kopierschutz: AdobeDRM
    ISBN: 9780812987898
    Erschienen: 10.02.2015
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