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Fathoms of the Fenlake von Aikio, Ante (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.06.2015
  • Verlag: Goranus Ltd.
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Fathoms of the Fenlake

Aigi's journey into the mythical world of the Sami people starts with a race for the first ray of sunlight of the New Year, and continues with a plunge into the wondrous Saivo realm to search for a childhood friend. On the journey the knowledge of beings such as the gobmi, skammaidas and other fantastic creatures will surely be needed. Fathoms of the Fenlake is a groundbreaking fantasy story. A solid nature connection, ingenuity and courage along with mystical powers have always been present in the Sami culture. The colorful pantheon has survived the attempts to abolish it, and the Aigi-saga draws from that legendary folklore. The bewitching novel will charm its readers.


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Fathoms of the Fenlake

Chapter II Lightbringers The Ulda-fell was peculiarly shaped. It was like any other fells, but the night and day side of it was split by a crag quarter of a league deep and a stone's throw wide, cracked asunder by the thunder god Termis with one of his great bolts of lightning, marking a sort of border for Hahtezan and Njavezan, who were perpetually at odds over all things possible. The crag was thus referred to as the canyon of Termis. Thus had the god created a symbolical border in the Ulda-fell, which also marked the boundary on other fells lining it. The other side he had given to the darkness and its powers, the other to light and its forces. Unfortunately the borders did not always hold, for the powers of darkness tried to capture more lands time and time again. Occasionally they spun secret plots with Hahtezan as the mastermind, with the aim to crush the forces of light for good. The ray of sunshine of the New Year was a source of constant quarreling between the rivaling forces. The forces of darkness tried to grab the sunray each time to hide it in the depths of the Unfathomable Saivo lake, preventing the spring and summer from ever arriving for the whole year. Not once had Hahtezan succeeded in that plan, though. The setup was not fair for the forces of light, for the ray of sunshine was cast down from the dark side of the fell. This meant that the light forces had to always have someone ready for the task; someone fast enough that Hahtezan and her cronies could not catch the champion. That in addition to the fact the forces of light had to catch the ray of sunshine before the forces of darkness. So for the light, the task was ridden with peril from the start. In earlier years Njavezan had counted on the Golden arctic fox, a magical being created by the wind god Biegga himself, faster than any other to act as the "lightbringer." Termis had decided that the lightbringer must be a living creature, not fae like Hahtezan or Njavezan, forcing both parties to choose a separate lightbringer. Njavezan had always had the Golden arctic fox, whilst Hahtezan had Stallu and his raito-sleigh. The wind god Biegga was unwilling to create a swift lightbringer for Hahtezan, for he knew that Hahtezan's plans were of a foul nature. Other gods were unable to create anything as fast as Biegga could, and didn't see any need to. They thought the cycle of years in the Realm of the Living should go on as it always had; there would be a winter with bitter chills and snow, followed by summers with sweltering heat waves. This time, however, Hahtezan and her co-conspirators had managed to catch the Golden arctic fox and held it captive in a secret place in the dark side of the Ulda-fell. Hahtezan had managed to fatten up an especially plump and delicious-looking vole, and with that as bait, had managed to trap the fox in a cage. Stallu had then quickly grabbed the cage and ferried it, along with the fox, back to Hahtezan. No one knew where Hahtezan had hidden the Golden arctic fox. Thus Njavezan was in a terrible situation. If the fox was not found, who could possibly succeed in fetching the first sunray of the year, for her to hand to the sun god Beaivi to be placed back into the sun, bringing light and warmth to the Realm of the Living? Njavezan was at her weakest during the wintertime. She lived in the Realm of the Gods, where light and warmth were plenty year around for her to survive. She could not enter the Realm of the Living during winter, for she would've perished for a lack of light and warmth. She could only return when the sun had started to light and warm the fells and creeks enough. Njavezan couldn't communicate with denizens of the Living World except for fae, spirits or special i

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