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Merging Realms von Smith, S. K. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 05.09.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Merging Realms

Survival is a game best played by the hunter... not the prey. Tobin, the master of subterfuge, has seeded his web of information in almost every stop he has been to. He is an artist of death, swaying the rivers of life to flow in the gorges demanded by Bytos, god to the Assassins. While painting his latest canvas and planting his newest seed, he meets someone just as deadly, Queen Marilynn. He is drawn to her as a moth to a flame, never understanding the dangers in front of him. This soon-to-be mother of his child and wife to King William is no mere human herself. Through godly creation, Marilynn was unleashed centuries ago into the realm with one goal, domination of all and servitude to her and her god, Seren. The price of reverence is steep; in exchange for eternal life, Marilynn must sacrifice her child to Seren every hundred years, something she has come to do without hesitation or remorse. Learning of her plan, Tobin is caught in a conundrum. He must choose between a life style he has worked so hard to embed versus what he knows is dead wrong. In addition to the perils of their realm comes a new player to the game, the Unmarked. The Unmarked are sweeping across the lands from a realm only told in stories from parent to child, and priest to congregation to teach the evils of greed. They are showing up in areas and ways that they don't even know. Tobin and his harsh and unyielding pursuer, Marilynn must account for an unknown. Amid treachery, betrayal, violence and sex, Marilynn will stop at nothing to secure her next hundred years in this world by taking back her child from Tobin.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 05.09.2016
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    ISBN: 9781483576206
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Merging Realms

Chapter 1 The Führer of Snowbank Marilynn squinted from beneath the duvet as her husband, King Henson, pushed back the silk curtains allowing the morning sun to engulf the lingering darkness. He appeared to be watching something in the distance. He smiled, which meant something to his financial benefit was headed into the kingdom, probably someone bringing crops in to sell at the bazaar. He turned. As he did, he wrenched open the drapes She scrunched her eyes against the sunlight. He chuckled as she rolled away from intrusion of light. He walked to the side she had turned to and leaned over. "Marilynn," he whispered, and gently brushed hair from her face. "It's time to wake up, we need to get some breakfast." She swung out an arm, catching him on the cheek. "Leave me alone. I'm sick, I don't want to move! Don't you have some men to boss around?" She pulled the embroidered silk duvet over her head and muttered that she planned to spend the whole day in bed and they could bring food to her. That's why they had servants, wasn't it? "You may not want to eat, but our child-my son-is hungry. Remember you're eating for two, so get up." He eased the sheet back. He wouldn't take no for an answer. Marilynn knew that. Besides, the midwife stood nearby ready to help if necessary. He leaned back in. She felt the heat of his words on her cheek. "Breakfast is being prepared." He yanked on the coverlet. She snatched at it but it was wrenched from her fingers and the cold air nipped at her naked backside. Oh, he would pay for this! The midwife stepped forward, gray hair hanging in her face. She reached toward Marilynn. "If she touches me, I'll throw her out the window. I'm getting up." The king chuckled. Queen Marilynn opened her eyes and glared at him. His humor irked her to no end, but why she didn't know; this same thing occurred every morning since he learned she was pregnant. The candelabra on the hearth-it seemed she'd peeked out earlier and seen him writing on some parchment-spluttered and went out, as if escaping Marilynn's quick burst of wrath, but a moment later, flames flickered and glinted with renewed light. With a groan, she sat up stretching and rubbing her well-rounded belly. "God I love to see you smile like that," he said, even though, by now, he knew the smile wasn't for him. He also knew that if left alone, she would drift back to sleep and let the dreams consume her day. So, he would stand there in his green king's raiment, arms crossed, stomach growling, until she got up. Finally, the pregnancy was nearing its end. Just yesterday the midwife had warned him she would be emotionally fragile-she'd smiled. What leeway she'd take after that comment. But he was losing even his infinite patience. King Henson pulled in a calming breath and let it out slowly. "William..." A yawn escaped as she came more awake. "The baby is going to make me the happiest woman in the kingdom." She stretched again-this time her arm missed his head. He ducked in time. She wiggled out of the bed. Frustration surfaced as she kicked at the duvet to untangle her feet. After several kicks the covering fell to the floor and she slid her feet to the floor. As he moved to help her up, she lowered her eyebrows and growled deep in her throat. She turned to the midwife an extended her hand, requesting aid. Marilynn allowed the midwife to help her into a pale blue satin gown with a glittering sequin bodice. William picked up the duvet that he had his seamstresses make for her birthday a few years past. It was one of her fa

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