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Stoney Planet The Adventures of Izzy's Universe von Perkins, Christopher M. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.11.2012
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Stoney Planet

As the victims of an evolutionary disaster called Galactic Whip Singularity, the Popau escaped extinction by leaving their doomed solar system in search of other habitable worlds. Traveling throughout the 22nd tendril of our galaxy, they found numerous less advanced societies with which to carry on trade. Upon the establishment of intergalactic trade laws, they discovered that they could steer the economies of their inferior partners thus spurring on the Popau's rise to an empirical power. On the brink of first contact, Stoney Planet details the progression of a planetary usurption by the Popau. Through a plan laid out thousands of years in advance by the galactically renown agro-engineer E'deen, the Cannabis plant found itself at the center of society's battle to think freely. In an attempt to expose the oppressive campaign, a small group of unlikely heroes emerge to fight the prohibitionary tactics of the Popau only to find themselves in a much deeper conspiracy compounded by the potencial destruction of their own world brought about by the negligent procedures of a cumbersome empire.


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Stoney Planet

Chapter Two

It was a typical start to the day for Izzy. Coffee, lunch, bong hits and the local news broadcast formatted in Spanish. It was almost ritual. Izzy didn't do breakfast. A short stint as a breakfast cook cured him of the need for eggs and bacon like waiting tables curbed his latent desire for children. Both seemed to free up his time as well as extend his life expectancy. Dogs were much more functional and rarely pushed the maturity envelope.

At age fourteen, Izzy purchased his first ounce of the schwaggiest weed Columbia had to offer. By the time he graduated from high school he had learned a thing or two about the supply and demand chain. The School of Hard Knocks and decades on Grateful Dead tour taught him a completely different curriculum than his eight or so years at five different colleges. That's not to say it was a waste of time. To the contrary, he considered his secondary education to be money well spent but realized that degrees were moot and education is what you make of it. Being based in a college town, well that was just dumb luck. Where else can someone of his expertise thrive or someone with his lifestyle, blend in.

In somewhat of a permanent daze he often had to hear things multiple times for them to sink in, especially if it was in Spanish. An hour passed before he noticed the big news of the day.

"The Pope passed away today amid, what is being referred to as, obscure circumstances. A memorial service for the dearly departed will be held in the land of his birth where he will be laid to rest in the cemetery of his first congregation. After condoning the latest effort of the American military, he may have positioned himself on the list of suspicious assassinations on leaders of the world's religions".

"Wow, another one bites the dust, which one was that anyway XI, XXII, CDXX maybe?

Engrossed in thought, or the lack thereof, Izzy began a new day. Water the plants, more bong hits then it's time for a daily dose of life in the civilized world. Civilized to Izzy meant adapted and evolved, what the rest of the world had was something else. War has no place or use in a civilized society yet they dominate our history. In South America, the Columbians are still fighting the U.S. lead Drug War. Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran are still arch enemies in the United States' War on Terror. U.S. contrived covert missions stretch from Somalia to Sudan and down the Ivory Coast. They aren't technically wars but it yields the same results. India and Pakistan have remained poised for Nuclear War for decades. Burma, Myanmar or Verizon Wireless Presents New Byurmanmar speaks for itself in the realm of the Warlords of Southeast Asia.

These were the mysteries of Izzy's universe. True mysteries, not the philosophical one's like, why are we here? What is the meaning to life? How does one attain true happiness? Izzy had those answered years ago and lived by them daily. Essentially they are all the same or answer one another. We are here because this place is very suitable for life forms to exist so we are here to exist, to fill the gap formed by chance. The meaning of life is to exist and fill the void and be happy doing it. Happiness is attained by doing what makes one happy, not on the weekends, not on vacation, not to make someone else feel better but all the time and for one's own enjoyment. If it turns out that you are a natural jerk then so be it. The world needs all sorts and if it is your path than walk it and be happy and if complaining about jerks makes you happy then by all means, best of luck figuring out how to be happy doing that.

After an hour or two pondering, he begins to interpret the maddening drivel in his note book.

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