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The Death of the Good Wizard von Coleman, Wim (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.12.2011
  • Verlag: ChironBooks
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The Death of the Good Wizard

When middle-schoolers Gregory Guest and Yolanda Torres travel back to the land of legend, they find themselves in a completely unexpected story and a reality full of new dangers-including one very persistent dragon. This time, their adventures include an unexpected trek into the hazardous historical reality behind the Arthur stories. 'A fascinating tale with elements of Camelot woven into a modern mix of science fiction and fantasy.... Will appeal to tweens because of the fantastical elements, and may even learn a thing or two about how legends come to be.' Lisa Barker at Biblioreads Author notes, excerpt: www.chironbooks.com/Wim&Pat_Red_Monocle_series The Death of the Good Wizard is the second book in the highly-praised Red Monocle series. (You don't have to read them in order!) 'Three cheers and a heads up for the talented authors of the RED MONOCLE series!' Midwest Book Review RED MONOCLE-An adventure series about the importance of stories. Middle-schoolers Gregory Guest and Yolanda Torres face monsters, magic, and personal challenges when they follow an eerie passageway into lands of myth and legend. In their struggle against a mighty evil, they make surprising discoveries about themselves. International award-winner: 'Children's Book Series' category of the 2011 International Book Awards Red Monocle 1: The Taker and the Keeper is also available as an ebook. Aided by their eccentric science teacher and a magical red monocle, Gregory and Yolanda travel into the King Arthur story to save their real world from a legendary threat. Red Monocle 3: The Invisible Foe (2012) introduces the African trickster Anansi, who first unleashed stories into the world. In further Red Monocle books young readers will delight in more great myths and legends.


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The Death of the Good Wizard


Something Amiss

Words on the book's pages were changing, switching places with amazing speed. Some disappeared, others appeared out of nowhere. Gregory couldn't even read a single sentence, the words were jumping around so fast.

"Is the whole book like this?" asked Gregory.

"A lot of it. The last half, anyway. And remember, Merlin gave me strict orders to watch my book. He said, 'If you see anything that's amiss, please come to our aid.'"

"We've got to show this to Mildred and Palamon."

Gregory and Yola trotted toward Mildred's house. When they got there, the door opened before they even rang the bell.

"Thank goodness you're here!" exclaimed Mildred. "Palamon's gone!"

"Gone?" echoed Gregory.

"Where?" asked Yola.

"I have no idea! I just went out for a little while to buy groceries, and when I got back, he wasn't here! Oh, I'm worried half to death! He doesn't know his way around town at all! And nobody can understand what he says! And car traffic - that's still a complete mystery to him! He could get into awful trouble!"

"I'm afraid it might be worse than you think, Mildred," said Yola uneasily.

They hurried into Mildred's cluttered living room, where Yola opened her book on a table.

"Oh, my!" murmured Mildred. "I've never seen a paper book do anything like that before. Could it be some kind of computerized microcircuitry? Or maybe even nano- circuitry - circuits no bigger than molecules?"

"That doesn't matter," grumbled Yola impatiently. "What's important is that the book is changing again. I want to check something ..."

Yola turned to page 415, where it was written, "Merlin sent his apprentice, Palamon, to a faraway place to learn of other ways." All the pages and words that came before that sentence were fine. But problems started after the sentence, and throughout the rest of the book the words jumped around wildly.

"It does have something to do with Palamon," sighed Yola.

"Do you mean - ?" gasped Gregory.

"I mean that Palamon isn't running around Bainesboro," said Yola. "He must have gone through the tunnel to get back home. Whatever he did there caused this."

"And that means we've got to go back and fix the story again," groaned Gregory.

"Not so fast!" piped in Mildred. "I want to run some tests on this book."

"Fine, Mildred," replied Yola impatiently. "You go ahead and run tests. Gregory and I are going through the tunnel right now."

A sense of dread swept over Gregory. On the other side of that tunnel, he and his friends had struggled against the sorceress Morgan le Fay. Her strange powers had been frightening enough, but it wasn't Morgan's magic that most terrified Gregory. He had sensed true evil in her, and he wasn't sure that anyone else realized just how wicked Morgan could be. But he knew there was no escaping what they had to do.

"We do have to go," Gregory agreed glumly. "Before our whole world starts changing, like it did last time."

"Oh, no you don't," said Mildred pertly. "You two are not going anywhere without adult supervision."

"Okay, then," said Yola. "We'd all better get moving."

"What about our clothes?" asked Gregory, forcing himself to think of practical matters.

"That's right," said Yola. "Ev

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