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The Scythe-Bearer von Castles, C.E (eBook)

  • Verlag: BookRix
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The Scythe-Bearer

How would you feel if you lived your life, day in and day out, the same way in a monotonous repetition? Then suddenly a girl walks in and you see everything differently, like you are looking at the world for the first time. Sounds like your typical teenage love story, right? Only, this isn't an average love story and there aren't any typical teenagers.... Sy, for most of his remembered life, has been the youngest Scythe-Bearer employed by the Soul Retrieval Company under the dictatorship of Lucas Hailfire. He has always longed for something more in his life but couldn't remember what. Until Lucas sends him to capture a loose soul in Willberry High school, Sy encounters Sarah, a girl that will change everything and perhaps bring solace to his wandering existence. What happens when a Scythe-Bearer goes against the rules put in place by the Angels and the SRC? Submerge yourself into the life of Sy and how he struggles with the confusing effects of human emotions as well as deal with the many dangers that lurk beneath the surface. The life of a Scythe-Bearer is anything but easy...


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