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A Taste of South Africa Our 100 top recipes presented in one cookbook von Naumann & Göbel Verlag (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 08.04.2015
  • Verlag: Naumann & Göbel
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A Taste of South Africa

Thanks to the mix of African cooking with European and Asian influences, South Africans have long enjoyed a multi-cultural style of cooking that's also become popular in Europe. From Baba Ghanoush and Cape-Malay Bobotie with sultanas, to chicken-potjie and Koeksisters with sugar syrup - join us on a journey to the beautiful southern tip of the African continent and discover the enormous variety of Cape cuisine. - Typical South African recipes - from classics to trendy, modern ones - Every recipe has a great photo


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A Taste of South Africa

Vegetables & side dishes

Green beans

in a curry

Preparation time: approx. 20 minutes (plus cooking time)
Per serving approx. 144 kcal/604 kJ
4 g P, 7 g F, 14 g CH

Serves 4

500 g green beans

3 tomatoes

3 onions

2 tbsp oil

1 tsp red chilli powder

2 tsp coriander powder

1 tsp cumin powder

1 tbsp turmeric powder

1 tbsp curry powder

1-2 tbsp sugar syrup

1 cinnamon stick

1 tbsp mustard

3-4 tbsp vinegar

1 tsp salt

tsp pepper

tsp sugar

1 Peel, wash and cut the beans into large pieces. Cut a cross in the tomatoes and remove the stems. Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water, then skin, remove the seeds and cut into small dice.

2 Peel the onions, chop finely and sauté in the oil until translucent. Add the chilli powder, coriander, cumin, turmeric and curry powder. Sauté for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.

3 Add the beans along with the tomatoes, sugar syrup, cinnamon stick, mustard and vinegar. Simmer the curry mixture over a low heat for approx. 30-45 minutes. Season with salt, pepper and sugar to taste, remove the cinnamon stick and serve.

Banana salad

with apricot and curry mayonnaise

Preparation time: approx. 20 minutes (plus cooling time)
Per serving approx. 470 kcal/1974 kJ
6 g P, 25 g F, 51 g CH

Serves 4

4 egg yolks

2 tsp mustard

grated zest of 1 unwaxed lemon

4 tsp lemon juice

250 ml sunflower oil



1 tbsp curry powder

1 tbsp apricot jam

6 large bananas

lettuce for serving

1 Whisk the egg yolk, mustard, lemon zest and lemon juice. Add the oil in a fine stream, stirring constantly. Season the mayonnaise with salt and pepper.

2 Stir the curry powder with the apricot jam and the mayonnaise until smooth; if necessary, heat the jam slightly beforehand.

3 Peel the bananas and cut into slices. Immediately add to the curry mayonnaise and mix gently.

4 Allow the salad to rest for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator before serving. Serve on a bed of lettuce.

Cabbage rolls

with vegetables

Preparation time: approx. 30 minutes (plus cooking time)
Per serving approx. 183 kcal/768 kJ
3 g P, 9 g F, 19 g CH

Serves 4

1 medium head of cabbage


3 onions

3 tbsp oil

75-100 g maize meal

1 tsp curry powder

1 tsp pepper

toothpicks for securing

4 tomatoes

1 Clean and wash the cabbage, blanch the 4 outer leaves of the cabbage for 2 minutes in boiling salted water. Then rinse with cold water and drain.

2 Peel the onions, chop finely and fry in 2 tablespoons of the oil. Stir in the maize meal. Add some of the curry powder, pepper and salt and mix everything into a paste.

3 Spread the paste over the drained cabbage leaves, fold the sides inwards and roll up into roulades. Secure the roulades with a toothpick.

4 Cut the remaining cabbage into small chunks and fry in the remaining oil. Add the roulades and just cover with water. Put a lid on the pan and simmer over low heat until almost all the liquid has been absorbed.

5 Cut a cross in the tomatoes, remove the stems, blanch in boiling water, then skin, remove the seeds and chop the tomatoes into small pieces. Add the remaining curry powder, salt and pepper to taste and leave to simmer for approx. 4 minutes. Serve the cabbage rolls on the bed of vegetables.


with cinnamon and sugar

Preparation time: approx. 15 minutes (plus cooking time)
Per serving approx. 417 kcal/1751 kJ
4 g P, 5 g F, 84 g CH

Serves 4

225 g long grain ric

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