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Celestial Law von Bear, T. M. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 03.05.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Celestial Law

A young woman becomes acquainted with secrets of the universe.


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    Seitenzahl: 186
    Erscheinungsdatum: 03.05.2016
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781483568690
    Verlag: BookBaby
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Celestial Law

Chapter 3 "He raped me!" Sadie cried to the police, shaking, clenching a blanket. She was at the local police station after second-guessing her suicide mission. The two officers who had come to her aide, drove her to the hospital and then immediately to the station after she was examined. They asked her to call her parents, who were out of town, but Sadie declined, claiming her situation would not be a priority to them, so contacting them was pointless. "Someone raped you? Is that why you were going kill yourself", an investigating officer asked. Sadie didn't respond and to herself, asked the same question, silently sorting out the answer in her head. Her life had not been a happy one. Her father died when she was four and her mother remarried a selfish man who cared nothing about being a father and made it clear her existence was more of a burden than a joy. He and her mother spent most of their time away from home, traveling. Sadie was never invited. But her family life wasn't nearly as dispiriting as her social life. From a very young age, Sadie could remember being shunned or ignored by her peers, always wondering what she was doing differently than other girls her age to attract such treatment. This pattern continued into her high school years, causing Sadie to grow very unsure of herself, which made her less attractive than nature already had; it was like she oozed acceptance repellant and everyone at her high school either ignored her or made fun of her. She was the only girl in her grade who was not asked to the sophomore spring dance and could genuinely say she did not have one close friend. Needless to say, she was unhappy and unsatisfied with her life, but always remained hopeful her future would be better. And she had never thought about suicide until her recent violation. So Sadie decided to nod her head, yes. Then bowed her head into her chest and palmed her hands over her face. Sadie was overwhelmed with all of the stimulation in the room. Among the crowd of officers surrounding her, a soft female voice piped up and asked, "Who dear? Who raped you?" Sadie looked up and saw the kind face of a young woman standing beside her. She was dressed in a suit with her badge on her belt, her long dark hair pulled back, accentuating the most unique hazel eyes Sadie had ever seen. She knelt down next to Sadie with a gentle demeanor of genuine concern and gently reached for her hand, which Sadie accepted. Sadie felt warm and safe around her and began to open up. "A guy from my school. Someone who I thought was my friend...well, sort of," Sadie stammered. Detective Slate looked deeply into Sadie's eyes and sensed honesty. She prided herself in remaining neutral, not allowing her emotions to interfere in her cases, but she couldn't help feel a wave of empathy come over her for this young girl. Gently she asked, "What is his name? Tell me exactly what happened." Detective Slate was fresh out of the police academy, but her three years of college prior to joining the police force propelled her into the role of Detective at the young age of twenty-four, a career she was excited about. As a woman, she was bright and caring, with unshakeable integrity. Consequently, finding the truth behind her cases was of the utmost importance to her and she worked hard to investigate every possible scenario before coming to a conclusion. In Sadie's case, Slate's intuition told her the young girl was telling the truth, but she would not allow her feelings to sway her judgment, which she determined by facts. "His name is Tristan Taylor," Sadie stuttered. "He goes to my school. He stopped me yesterday after last period and said he wanted to talk to me in private...asked if I could meet him at his house later. I said I could and did. When I got there, he was the only one home. He told me he wanted to show me something in

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