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Hard Core Justice von Altermatt, Howard G. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 04.04.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Hard Core Justice

Shortly after taking office, President Reagan instructed the CIA to search out and bring to justice the heroin drug lord and the henchmen responsible for the gangland style assassination of the wife of the DEA's Agent in Charge in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 04.04.2016
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Hard Core Justice

Prologue Jerry had forgotten just how hot and steamy the weather in Bangkok could be in April when the "hot season" tends to hit its peak. After all it had been more than 20 years since he had last been there. He had come in on the midnight flight the night before and was up earlier than usual strolling along the once familiar but now much changed and dimly-remembered streets. It's amazing how much change can take place in 20 years-and he supposed that the memories also morph a bit over time as well so that what he remembered was not what had really been there anyway. But, many of the sounds, smells and early-morning activities on the streets remained familiar. Buddhist Priests were out accepting the food contributions of those seeking to "make merit", street vendors were selling breakfast foods and drinks such as hot soy milk, local pastries, rice and curries, and now more than before, quick easy to eat meals such as sandwiches of various kinds to the quickly swelling crowds as the population roused and prepared for another working day. The years seemed to melt away; paradoxically everything had changed but seemed at the same time to have remained much as they had been. His thoughts wandered as he walked along the streets from the hotel towards his destination, a small bar that opened very early in the mornings to cater to the breakfast trade by providing food for the early risers (or for those who had been up drinking all night). This bar, fronting on Patpong Road in down-town Bangkok, was, at least to so many of us, known simply as the "spook and SF" hangout during and shortly after the wars in Southeast Asia. This name came from the two groups that made up a large portion of the clientele - CIA personnel or "spooks" and Special Forces soldiers, or more simply "SF." During and shortly after the war years there would be CIA administrators and para military personnel (often referred to by the admin types as "knuckle draggers") along with a sprinkling of Special Forces and other military advisers in from the field. Tough professionals, veterans of many wars, both overt and covert, who enjoyed hanging out together because most other more "normal" people simply had no idea of what these guys did, had done, and could do. The spook and SF crowd only felt really comfortable with their own kind and that included some hard-bitten long-term expatriate fellow travelers, many of whom had been involved in constructing their facilities during the war years and later in the oil exploration and drilling industries as well. In addition to the "home away from home" meeting place for its unique customers the drinks were strong and the beer cold, the food wasn't too bad, and the girls were friendly if not especially pretty. After a long day at the bar beauty seemed to fade in importance anyway-as the lyrics from an old country music song convey this wisdom so well: "They all get pretty at closing time." All in all, after a long absence he was looking forward to seeing the old place again. The reason for Jerry's return after so many years was bittersweet. His very close old friend, Jack Shortly, one who had mentored him in his youth during the war years, for whom he had enormous respect and affection, and who had saved his bacon more than once, had written to let him know that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Jack asked him to come if he could make it while he was still able to get around and before the difficult final days began to set in when talking would become too difficult for him. Jack had some important things he said that he wanted to tell Jerry before he passed on. Jack also wrote that his illness was known to only a few and he wanted to keep it that way. He wanted to live out his final months the way he had lived his life and that did not include seeking trea

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