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Hitched and Tied (The Morelville Mysteries, #4) The Morelville Mysteries - Book 4 von Hagan, Anne (eBook)

  • Verlag: Michelle Hagans
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Hitched and Tied (The Morelville Mysteries, #4)

Mel and Dana attempt to bring their growing romantic relationship full circle but family, duty and family duties all conspire to get in the way. A victim with close ties to the Cranes escapes a deadly assault with his life only to die from his injuries minutes later. Mel has few clues to find the fighter turned murderer and the further she goes with her investigation, the more the situation deteriorates. Meanwhile, Dana's trying to plan their wedding but the family is resisting both her efforts and the wishes of the couple while focusing more on her sister and her traditional relationship. Family angst, violent crime and more than a few Holstein steers abound as Dana and Mel fight against the odds to solve Mel's case and find their own happily ever after. This book is great together with Books 1 through 3 to get all of the Dana and Mel back story but it can also be read as a stand-alone mystery.


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Hitched and Tied (The Morelville Mysteries, #4)

Thursday Morning, August 7th, 2014

W hile I waited for the Coroner's initial report, I ran the tags on the SUV JD was driving. He's a local boy that grew up in Morelville and never strayed far from it. Kris had said she thought the SUV belonged to his boss, the guy who owned the road construction company he'd been working for, Oscar Stiers.

The Escalade had Florida plates on it. I didn't know much about Stiers other than to know he'd grown up in the Zanesville area too and that he liked to give back by hiring mostly locals to work on the jobs he got. Right now, he was doing some freeway construction work nearby as a sub on another company's big state supported contract. JD Roberts was a drunk and a small time criminal. He'd been lucky to get hired on to a legitimate outfit to do real work.

When the plates came back as registered to Stiers at a Florida address but with an Ohio contact number I figured the vehicle was probably his snowbird transport south for the winter months. I called the number the system kicked out and got dumped into voicemail on what was likely Stiers' personal cell phone.

I buzzed my assistant, "Holly, can you get me the name and number of the road construction company that Oscar Stiers owns? It should be Zanesville based."

"On it Sheriff. It should only take a minute."

"Thanks." Holly and I had come up through the ranks together. She's a Sergeant in her own right and often pulls double duty by manning the intake desk on weekends when she isn't playing the role of my right hand. She's a good cop and a good friend.

O nly a few minutes had passed when Holly buzzed me back. "Sheriff the company is Stiers Asphalt Paving." She gave me the number. "Oscar Stiers works out of a home office in Zanesville some of the time but his garage and shop are near Columbus since he does a lot of sub work, it appears, for Koko Construction."

"I see. Good to know." And out of my jurisdiction ...

"One more thing Mel; the preliminary findings are in on Roberts. The Coroner's initial report shows a blood alcohol level of .10."

"Anything else?"

"Just that so far. I'll let you know when he's done with the autopsy."

"Okay, thanks Holly." I hung up. So, JD was legally drunk when he died . Frankly, given his long history of alcohol abuse, I wasn't surprised.


Stiers Residence, Zanesville, Ohio

O scar Stiers was actually relaxing at home and not working in his home office when I got a hold of him. I'd forgotten what it felt like to take a day off in the middle of the work week. Must be nice!

I decided to pay him a personal visit. Minutes later, when I pulled up in my county SUV and started to dismount, he walked out of the house and right up to me. He was dressed simply in shorts, a tee shirt and basic leather sandals. Even in the August heat, He looked rested and relaxed.

"Sheriff." He nodded his head to me. "That was fast."

"I was right downtown and, frankly, until JD died, it was a quiet week for me. Nobody gets up to much of anything when it's this hot."

Oscar smiled, "I know I prefer to be here than in the shop or out overseeing road projects this time of year if I can help it!" He looked me up and down in my full uniform. "You're probably roasting because I know you have a vest on. Come on inside."

"Thank you. It's all part of the job but the dog days make it a little tougher."

We headed into his nice but modest home. I knew he was a millionaire several times over, but he didn't live like one here. Maybe his home in Florida was different. Somehow, I doubted it.

He led me right into the kitchen and indicated that I should take a seat at the island.

"Sweet tea Sheriff? It's a weakness of mine."

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