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Rise of a Terrorist von Muratore, Joseph (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.10.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Rise of a Terrorist

Rise of a Terrorist is an E-book thriller with a multitude of action scenes. It's the fourth book in an E-book thriller based on a collection of stories on terrorism by Joseph Muratore. They continue to use the same basic characters within a Secret Ant-Subversive Agency better known by the Acronym SASA. An agency that's independent from the FBI and the CIA. It was organized to strictly counter terrorism within the United States, both from home grown 'Lone Wolves' to overseas terrorist groups. SASA's function is to match wits with all of the terrorist groups such as the Sunni Muslim terrorists, Al Queda in the Arabian Peninsula, ISIS and its attempt at creating a Caliphate, in Syria and Iraq, or Syria's Nusra Front even Nigeria's Boko Haram. They also take on the Shiite jihadists led by Iran's proxies such as Hezbollah or the swaths of terrorists in Lebanon, or Yemen. SASA and the Agents within its Agency are led nationally by a SASA Chief John Bennit. They are Headquartered in Fort Meade, Maryland . The main character is from the Boston SASA office. He's Carl Downey, an Agent like no other in the world. His intuition, and ability to think a few steps ahead of his terrorist adversaries has made him an enemy to the terrorist world that intends on destroying the United States. Carl Downey realizes he cannot always stop a terrorist attack from succeeding, and he has his share of problems attempting to achieve that goal, but he feels if he can reduce the damage and death that the terrorists can and do produce than it's worth any amount of effort. Rise of a Terrorist is not only action packed, but it brings into play a new SASA function. SASA Agent Karen Beals is charged to gather information and openly profile Muslims within America. This story 'Rise of a Terrorist,' Is based on a collection of stories on terrorism by Joseph Muratore that continue to use the same basic characters. The other novels are, 'Cyber Attack,' Shabahh The Phantom Terrorist & Dual Mission.


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Rise of a Terrorist


A New Beginning

Inside of a Washington, D.C. hotel room, Karen Beals, opened her eyes. A glimmer of sunshine peeked through the drawn window drapes. She immediately felt Carl Downey's scarred but warm and muscular body touching against hers. She smiled, as he pressed slightly closer to her.

"Are you ready to get up?" she asked

"I am up." came the reply.

She had to laugh at his remark. She had just reached over his body while sliding her hand down his six-pack abs. It came to a halt when she felt the reason for his answer.

Karen teased, "I meant ready to start the day,"

Now it was his turn to laugh as he answered, "What do you think?"

Karen commented, "How about we shower first so we can start fresh after last nights activities. Then you can teach me another of your egotistical classes on love making."

Carl groaned. He knew Karen was referring to a statement he'd made several months before in Houston, Texas, when she had said to him,

"Carl you really know how to make a woman feel like a woman." And he'd answered, "I could teach classes on it." At the time his wise crack had really pissed her off and typical of Karen she didn't forget much. Now here she was throwing that statement back at him with a velvet dagger.

Carl was so much wiser now. He loved having Karen in his life. He smiled inwardly before stating,

"No more classes Karen. I've retired from teaching those classes. I'm a one-woman man now. In fact instead, I've decided to become a writer. I'm planning to write a 'happily ever after' romance novel involving you and me"

She responded.

"You couldn't have answered any cornier than that."

"Or hornier." He replied.

With that answer the thought of jumping into the shower ended for Karen.

She replied, "Forget the shower let's get started on 'chapter one,' of that novel of yours."

Two hours later Karen and Carl were showered, dressed and packed. They were preparing to check out of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C. when Carl's cell phone began to ring. It played his phone ring tone to the tune of, Macho, Macho Man. Karen rolled her eyes and noted, 'for a smart guy sometimes he's oblivious to things.'

Carl answered, "Carl here."

"Carl I'm glad I reached you. This is Bennit is Karen still with you?"

"Chief why are you calling me on my first day off?"

Chief John Bennit was the head of The United States Secret Anti Subversive Agency, better known by the acronym of SASA.

Carl Downey and Karen Beals were both SASA Agents.

Carl was an Agent assigned to Boston.

Karen was an Agent assigned to Houston.

Agent Carl Downey and Agent Karen Beals met in Houston during an attack by a terrorist known as Shabahh.

Carl had been assigned by SASA Headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland to personally track Shabahh down. But Shabahh had slipped away in Houston, continuing a reign of terror across the United States before eventually escaping.

Shabahh ended up in West Central Africa. There

Shabahh formed and led an extremist jihad Muslim terrorist organization. Those jihadists were considered very deadly and dangerous, to the long-term safety of the United States. SASA decided to assign Agent Carl Downey to continue to track down, and kill or capture Shabahh to stop the jihad.

Shabahh had to be stopped at any cost.

The problem was, Agent Carl Downey had resigned from SASA in a dispute with his previous SASA Chief.

In order to convince Carl to return to SASA he was offered an unusual opportunity. He'd be given all of the support required, that would make it possible for him to track down Shabahh, something he desperately wanted to do. At the same time SASA would allow him to carry on a Dual Mission to track down a civilian, as a personal favor to Karen Beals. She

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