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Temple of Hope A Sophie Kramer Thriller von Simone, Narendra (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.05.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Temple of Hope

The FBI Specialist, SOPHIE KRAMER takes risk for living and fights crime for professional and personal reasons. She is recognized by the Bureau as a tough-minded Special FBI Agent who loves to live on edge. She discovers a frightening clue in the disappearance of an American girl in New Delhi. What she discovers threatens to shake the very foundation of the Indian law enforcement system and expose the corrupt senior Indian politicians. Kidnapping of the little girl is tied to the evil underworld involved in child prostitution, drugs, and extortion. Would she survive the web weaved by both the criminal underworld and the law enforcement system and find the missing girl? It depends on what Sophie does next. 'Temple of Hope' is a fast-pace, investigative crime story that exposes the ugly truth about child prostitution and corrupt political system of India. It is a unique crime story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 30.05.2016
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    ISBN: 9781988382005
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Temple of Hope

Two Washington DC 6 hours into the Amy Kumar abduction A yellow cab pulled up to the curb in front of 935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Sophie Kramer paid the driver and stepped out. She was dressed in a smart black suit with black open collar shirt. Her rebellious, shoulder-length red hair had been pulled back into a ponytail, and she bore an urgent look on her face. She rushed inside the J. Edgar Hoover Building for her appointment with Deputy Director Andrew Hunt. It had been Hunt himself who had called her in. That had been two and a half hours ago. She'd made excellent time. Post 9/11, Andrew Hunt, the then Executive Assistant Director for Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence, in a five-year top-down strategic plan, was instrumental in dramatically changing the structure of the Bureau and the special agent's role. To avoid future intelligence falling through the cracks-as it evidently had in the case of 9/11-the President's office wanted the FBI to also engage in international counterintelligence and international counterterrorism initiatives. The CIA's progressively increasing role in espionage during and even after the Cold War had taken their focus off of counterintelligence. Andrew had been waiting for such an opportunity. He decided not only to implement the new international counter/antiterrorism initiatives but to go beyond them as a natural extension to such initiatives and pick a handful of his special agents to work solo in targeting the support and financial infrastructure of the international terrorist organizations. He firmly believed that the specter of international terrorism could only be contained by destroying their financial and support infrastructure. Roots of such an infrastructure lay in global activities including human trafficking, illegal ivory trading, and drug cartels. Over a decade later, the FBI was considered the US lead agency for dealing with the foreign counterterrorism including investigations of individuals who were international terrorists and groups or organizations that were engaged in espionage and international terrorism. As an integral part of its restructuring, the FBI took its counterterrorism program out of the National Security Division and created a separate Counterterrorism Division that would work closely with the Counter Terrorist Center of the CIA. The FBI's International Terrorist Operations Section [ITOS] had developed several collaborative agreements with both US and foreign intelligence services. The FBI had thus emerged with end-to-end intelligence capabilities by collaborating with key partners at home and abroad and had taken on a growing mission as a global intelligence-driven investigative service. Their new unwritten-but well understood- motto was simple: international terrorism or domestic terrorism, we will respond decisively . And that meant, no matter how slight the lead, nothing would be ignored if it could result in combating terrorism right at its very roots, which is to say its financial and support infrastructure. The Amy Kumar abduction was such a lead. Andrew had decided to assign Special Agent Kramer to this case and was expecting her at any moment. His choice was based upon her independent attitude and certain unique attributes. India was one of the most bureaucratic countries on the planet, and he knew Kramer could find ways through any bureaucratic system. She wanted to be in the great flux of life, amidst all possibilities. She was cool as ice on the outside, but her soul was in a state of constant flux due to her desire to set things right in the world. Her world. There was another reason. Andrew knew her terrible past-but he also knew that such a terrible past was but part her psyche, which had been refined in crucible after crucible to such an extent that nothing could threatened her. Andrew was

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