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Gifted Six Powerful Steps To Live The Most Incredible Life You Can Imagine von Baron, von (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.06.2011
  • Verlag: von Baron Music, LLC
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For less than the cost of going to a movie, you can change your life forever! Contained in these pages is a powerful process called Dream Setting created by international recording artist, life coach, and music educator von Baron. This is the last self-help book you'll ever need because in just six steps he'll take you from wherever you are right now in your life and help you live the life of your dreams. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the happiest and most exciting ride of your life!


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 15.06.2011
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The Answer

You have the power "within" to change virtually anything "without."

You are gifted ! Yes I'm talking to you! This is your opportunity to be happy 24/7 and share your happiness with the entire world! You may think I'm nuts to say that you can be happy 24/7 but you can. It's your destiny to be happy and fulfilled and realize all that you are meant to be in this lifetime. It's my destiny to show you how to do it!

I am so excited to share Dream Setting ® with you! Dream Setting is my method to help you Live The Most Incredible Life You Can Imagine . Dream Setting is like goal setting where you write down goals you'd like to achieve, but with 1,000 times more passion, purpose, and success for your life. In just six steps, I'll help you discover what you love to do, create unwavering direction toward your dreams, and achieve things you previously thought were impossible while raising your self-esteem and self-confidence to the stratosphere!

My successes, challenges and many lessons learned throughout my life have taught me that it's our gifts and dreams that contain the power needed to fill ourselves and the world with abundant joy, love, peace and prosperity. When even one person decides to use her gifts and live her dreams, the world is changed in profoundly positive ways. Now I want YOU to be that catalyst for change. I want you to be happier and more successful than you ever thought you could be and not just for you, but for all of us.

Our Troubled World

Doesn't our world just seem to get worse every day? Violence, oppression, natural disasters, poverty, disease, and environmental calamities are just part of the long list of problems we struggle with daily throughout our planet. I believe that much of what limits our ability to deal with these complex challenges is an infatuation with money and materialism. Humanity's growing obsession with getting and spending money to buy new "things" tends to dominate each hour of our day. This obsession blinds us to our positive potential and leaves us very little mental energy or time to live happy and fulfilling lives or improve our world.

Focusing all of our waking hours on acquiring and spending money has also led us to destroy the environment of the only known life-sustaining planet. Let's face it, once clean air, clean water and our food supply are ruined, so are we. All economic and social decisions we make as individuals and nations must now take into account our need to sustain the physical environment on which our lives depend.

The "Safe" Job

Growing up, many of us are told to make money first, even if it makes us unhappy. Many of our family, friends and teachers convince us to strive for a "safe" job and "financial security" rather than seek opportunity to make a living doing what we love. When we ask, "Well, what about my dreams?" the common response is, "You can't have everything you want" and we begin to abandon our dreams. By the time we "grow up," pursuing our dreams is usually last on the priority list as we fill our lives with a ton of have to's rather than want to's .

Our family's, friends' and teachers' advice is meant to help us avoid pain and "secure" our happiness but in fact, the opposite occurs. We become depressed and uninspired in our jobs and we become slaves to making money. The things we buy with our money then begin to own us instead of us owning our things. We buy more and more stuff to push our dissatisfaction de

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