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Manifest Your Successful Natural Healing Business A Handbook For Bodyworkers, Aestheticians & All Natural Healers of the World von Almer, Lesley (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 21.04.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Manifest Your Successful Natural Healing Business

Too often, practitioners graduate school, receive their licenses and certifications, and jump into their work without really understanding the nuts, bolts, and personalities when working in this industry. This book was designed to give new practitioners a foundation and guidance in developing their natural healing business. It is the perfect handbook to answer your questions, inspire new ideas, and to continue the re-invention of you as a professional.


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Manifest Your Successful Natural Healing Business

Chapter 1:
Develop Your Dream

It can be quite challenging to collect all the visions and ideas floating around in your head and hone in on the ones necessary to take action. This chapter is here for you to ground all of your possibilities and organize them into a clearer picture. It also gets to the heart of you as an individual. Knowing yourself will allow you to determine the current health state of your natural healing business.

Who Are You?

If you strip yourself of your titles of Mom, Dad, Doctor, Practitioner, or even Friend, who are you? Have you ever thought about it or has someone asked you this question before? Most reveal who they are by saying what they do. I know this is far from the whole truth. What you do is only a partial description of you. Just like the color of your eyes, hair, and the size or shape of your body, these are all descriptions, first impressions.

Though it's important for individuals to know what you do as a profession, it's even more important for you to know who you are. Who you are is your mission in life or what others would call your "life purpose," or "reason," for being here. The answer may change or evolve with time, but it is something that you will always possess.

Ask yourself at this moment, "Who am I?" and see what words come to light. Do you hear silence? A faint whisper? Or maybe you already have an inner knowing of who you are, but are too afraid to acknowledge it?

Once you know your mission, you can use this knowledge to inspire the direction of your natural healing business. For example, a person whose mission is to "bring about joy" may decide to become a midwife and work with families. They'd also do well as a yoga instructor, teacher, or public speaker; many options of careers would allow this person to tap into and bring to the surface the joy in each individual. Another individual's mission may be to "guide the lost." They may work well as a spiritual advisor, life coach, or even holistic health, energy, or Tui na practitioner.

Your intention, or strategy, is the breath that will manifest your dream into becoming a living, functioning, influential, and very real career. Your intention will transmute who you are into the tools you will use to do what you do, particularly your natural healing business.

Is your intention to:

Balance and energize those with hormonal conditions? Rid pain caused by physical trauma to the body?

Teach parents ways to reduce complications stemming from ADHD?

When you begin to brainstorm exactly how your business will influence your clients, you will have the answer for your intention. If you are still clueless about your mission in life, maybe if you first harness your intention for your business, you'll then be able to bring about more answers as to who you are. The clearer you can ask for guidance, the easier it will be to receive answers.

First Impressions

Just like every movie and story has a theme or concept, your business should also have a concept . Similar to auditions, those first few seconds of sharing your concept with potential clients will leave them with first impressions that will either make or break your callback.

You may ask yourself, "Why should my business have a concept? I just want to work, get paid, and pay my bills." The answer is because your business is a reflection of who you are as a person. It's an extension of your intention and that means your business is going to attract a certain kind of clientele that suits you and what you have to offer.

To develop a concept, you first need to do some visualizing. You may want to ask yourself these questions:

How do you see yourself greeting new clientele? What services do you provide?

What personality traits do you possess that can be used to market yourself?

Where is your location?

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