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Self-Help Through Changing Your Behavior Enjoy Your Life More von Mobley, Royce (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 31.03.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Self-Help Through Changing Your Behavior

No matter how we define success, the beginning of our journey to succeeding in life is by, first, understanding the need to change and by, second, taking the necessary action to change those aspects of our character that are holding us back. This book is a simple do-it-yourself resource that can help you make significant positive changes in your life__ by understanding the need to change, and taking the necessary action to change old habits of bad behavior to new positive ones. It guides you through several practical suggestions along the way.


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Self-Help Through Changing Your Behavior

CHAPTER 2 Personal Growth In order to build confidence in and increase the possibility of achieving your aspirations and goals in life, personal growth is a critical step in helping yourself. A part of positive personal growth is learning not to just rely on someone else's "personal growth" or on the government to do for you what you should be doing for yourself. The benefit obtained from taking necessary actions to improve yourself through personal growth is that your actions allow you to obtain knowledge and understanding and also allow you the opportunity to help others do the same. This fact remains regardless of whether the action entails getting a high school education or a higher education; involves acquiring better money management skills or acquiring requisite skills and knowledge for a different job; or simply involves learning problem-solving skills and techniques. Personal growth can make you more of an asset than a liability to yourself and to others; and helps you become a more significant member of society. For example, consider Booker T. Washington, who was born a slave. Despite his unfortunate start in life, he became one of the most influential Black men in American history. Also, consider Jackie Robinson who beat the odds by breaking baseball's color barrier. He changed American sports forever. Both of these exemplars of personal achievement had within their character several excellent qualities in common- personal pride, self-initiative and motivation, and personal fortitude and perseverance. These particular qualities were not exceptional, but by developing them and using them to their advantage, these qualities inspired and enabled these men to seek and attain in an exceptional way all of the other skills that were necessary for their success. The ultimate achievements for which these two men are now famous and exemplified likely were not their particular goals in the beginning; yet, personal growth in these and other areas made it possible for both of these men to reach these goals when the opportunity presented itself. More importantly, the opportunity presented itself because the character and personalities of both men were conducive to the creation of each opportunity. You should never allow fear of embarrassment or misplaced pride (i.e., vanity) to stop you from at least trying to learn to read, write, and do basic arithmetic. This basic knowledge forms the principal foundation upon which all other teaching in our educational system rests and from which such teaching evolves, including the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.), mathematics (algebra, geometry, statistics, etc.), language arts (English, foreign languages, speech, etc.), and social studies (history, geography, civics, economics, etc.). The key to knowledge and understanding about those things in society that have direct effect on your life and livelihood is your willingness to take a course of study in something that you can put to immediate and productive use toward improving your present condition. Listen and ask questions. Register to vote and vote in every election no matter how insignificant the election might appear. Use a computer and other technologically advanced tools. Attend city council and board of education meetings and attend Parents and Teachers Association meetings. Attend community meetings and other events where information is shared about the things impacting you in your community, on your job, in your relationships, and in the world around you. Participation in each of these activities is a way to help yourself grow and develop into a well-rounded person; and a well-rounded person is not only more likely to get a good paying job but is more likely to be able to keep it. If you can watch Oprah, The View, Reality TV, Dr. Phil, People's Court, etc., on TV and follow the dialogue and understand what is being said and what is happening, then you are well-eq

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