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Choosing Up Attain All - Design Your Experidigms von Grace, Mark (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 06.09.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Choosing Up

Design your experiences and design your life, receiving joy all along the way. Life is a series of experiences you design and live. So choose all the best components of each experience. Share experiences to reach higher. Choosing Up - Attain All - Design Your Experidigms demonstrates how to build your best future, and keep growing to even better futures. Joy is designed into the future. You choose, receive, and grow.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 06.09.2016
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9780984899845
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Choosing Up

PART 1: Life Starts As Blank Puzzle Filling Life In As a baby, life starts as a clean slate. Our body functions without us thinking about it, so we wander and use our senses to explore, and feel, and learn to learn and think. We can choose to continue in this baby-like state, or we can learn to explore and grow. This is a simple decision, a choice. Hopefully, you make the choice to learn and grow very early in life. Some never choose to learn and just stop learning, and be like an animal, surviving each day. To grow beyond a baby state, life is really like selecting a puzzle where you have selected the picture on the puzzle box you will build. You choose the pieces of the puzzle, and then fit them together into your picture. You change the picture as you choose, based on your experiences, and you get more puzzle pieces and thus more experiences. Your puzzle picture can be your desired future, full of meaning and knowledge and joy. Few choose a hateful and joyless future (although some let this happen). On the cover of my book " Soaring to Awesome ," I have a black and white puzzle evolving from left to right into a full blown color puzzle (see total black and white version above). A PA evolves from a simple black and white component and parts world into a color, whole picture action world. I show simple part components of an airplane, the glass, the metal, and the fuel, and these are put together to make the color PA of the airplane experience. These simple components make up the airplane experience. An individual and their connected team, with a PA visualization of flying, were able to make the choice to build an airplane and soar. Life is like this puzzle evolution. You picture the color future, in this case a flying plane, and you put together the black and white component parts to make the colored plane PA experience. In this case, someone did that for you, so you just need to buy the ticket to fly in an airplane. PAs build on other PAs, and that is the story of the human race. So you can stand on the shoulders of history and build your PA experience. On the other hand, you can choose not to make a puzzle picture and keep your original baby automatic functioning picture only and live an entire life like an animal. The choice of growth is yours to make. Whenever you stop adding to your puzzle picture growth stops. Many people might say, "I do not know how to make a picture or make choices. So, I stay in my simple picture of life, only changing as society or the status quo shows me how to change a part. I change when someone shows me that the change will not have any fear or stress associated with change and moving to the unknown. I let others do it first." So, you feel comfortable living other peoples' lives. Living your own life is best. In this book I show you how to make the choices for your exact picture, the exact experiences you would like to change into. In Chapter 7, we show you how to uniquely use visuals to picture and see a future experience. For now, understanding the "before-after" experience is helpful. The "before" is your current experience at any given moment, including mental, physical, and spiritual. You accept how you are now and want to continue that both in part and in whole. Your "now" is like both a snapshot picture and a living video that just stays the same or is very similar day after day. This is neither good nor bad. When you decide to change the "before," you have initiated the understanding of the "after," your picture of the new experience in part and in whole. When you picture your new experience and show your new experience to others, you begin to attract and focus on this experience from the infinite choices around you. To get started, you first need to visualize your future experience and get that visualization on paper (and on the computer) to share with others

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