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Lagom Not Too Little, Not Too Much: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life von Brantmark, Niki (eBook)

  • Verlag: HarperCollins
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In a fast-paced world, wouldnt it be wonderful if you could slow down and enjoy a life with less pressure, less stress, and more time for the things you love?Sweden is ranked in the top three of the worlds happiest places to live, and lagom, which means not too much and not too littlejust right, is the Swedish philosophy for enjoying balance in every aspect of lifefrom work and leisure to family and food, and everything in between. Experienced bakers know by touch when the dough they are kneading is lagomnot too moist and not too dry. At the office, professionals who work hardbut not to the detriment of other parts of their livesare following the lagom ideal. Lagom is moderation, balance, and equality.By using the Swedish lifestyle as an example, Niki Brantmark offers insightful suggestions and bite-sized actions to help you make subtle changes to your life, so you too can make time for the things that matter most and find greater happiness.


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