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The Ultimate Guide to Developing Belief in Yourself The Inner and Outer Games of Developing Trust and Belief In Your Capabilities von Aiden, Sisko (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 28.01.2016
  • Verlag: JNR Publishing
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The Ultimate Guide to Developing Belief in Yourself

(Excerpt) Up to this point in your life you have made all the right choices: You studied hard in school and applied yourself, you planned things carefully and didn't make any rash decisions, and now you have earned a top leadership position with your company. It is a wonderful feeling to look around and see you are right where you had hoped and planned you'd be, in both your career and your life. Why do you feel so apprehensive and fearful of failure? Any one of us can be loaded with the finest education. We may have planned our life's path perfectly, and things may be going exactly as planned. None of this will matter of provide any of us with a sense of fulfillment or personal success if we do not believe in our abilities. We need to have a firm grip on our own talents and skills, and we need to have a deep seated sense of trust in self if we ever want to bring our dreams to life. ================= Table Of Contents ================= Introduction I. Lesson 1: What Do You Really Believe About Yourself? A. What'S Going On In There, Anyway?' B. Stay In Today C. Embrace The Change D. Learn By Example Ii. Lesson 2: You Do Have An Opinion About Who You Are, And That Opinion Will Make Or Break You. A. Treat Yourself B. Walking The Talk C. Laying With Dogs & Getting Up With Fleas D. The Decision & Commitment To Believe In You E. Pinpoint Needed Changes Iii. Personal Accountability & Responsibility: The Wonder Twins Of Inner Change A. Take On A Long Desired Activity Or Project. B. No More Blaming! C. Get Thankful! D. How Are You Speaking? Iv. Dream Big & Take Risks A. Incite Passion Within Yourself. B. Don'T Stop There! C. Stay Positive. D. Prepare For The Victory. V. When You Hit A Speed Bump... A. Have You Shrunk Back? B. Hit Things Head-On C. Constructive Critique D. Conduct A Regular Inventory E. The Past Has Passed


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