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Nutrition for Relieving Pelvic Pain Fueling the Patient/Practitioner Healing Partnership von Drummond, Dr. Jessica (eBook)

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Nutrition for Relieving Pelvic Pain

Nutrition for Relieving Pelvic Pain - Fueling The Patient / Practitioner Healing Partnership is a collaborative book for patients AND practitioners. It is a relative blueprint for pelvic pain healing, using nutrition and lifestyle medicine as the primary modality and protocol. This is a tremendous fact-based resource to help women and their doctors to take a more holistic and partnered approach to root cause healing of pelvic pain conditions, written by the go-to authority on nutrition and lifestyle medicine for pelvic health. The reality is that root cause healing from chronic pelvic pain means working collaboratively, often with a team of practitioners (led by the patient) in the majority of cases. It is a journey needing a depth of understanding and knowledge that patients need to create their team, and only a variety of practitioners will have. The collaboration of the team's knowledge, along with the patient's unique individuality and insight about her own body, health, and life is paramount and this book is a collaborative tool and a clear and powerful roadmap.


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Nutrition for Relieving Pelvic Pain

PART I - FUELING THE PATIENT Chapter 1 The Contributing Factors - What You Need to Know The purpose of this book is to address how using nutrition, lifestyle medicine and a collaborative healing partnership between each patient and practitioner are essential aspects of healing for women with chronic pelvic pain conditions. On a daily basis, women come into my practice saying, "I have seen so many doctors about my pelvic/sexual pain. Why is this so hard?" All of the body's systems can be involved in pelvic pain. That's one of the reasons that getting to the root cause can be a challenge. Unfortunately, sometimes we're told by our healthcare team that the pain is "all in our head." That's never true, and I want to empower you with that knowledge right now. One thing that is true though, in every case, is that pain is always a decision made by the brain based on a wide range of factors. Physical factors, emotional factors, mental factors, and spiritual factors can all contribute to the bottom-line decision being made in your brain about whether or not to send a pain signal, and the intensity of that distress signal. In any case. Whether the signal is an acute pain signal, such as immediately following a car accident, or in the case of chronic pain. The decision whether or not to send a pain signal and the intensity of the signal originates in the brain. We'll discuss this concept further throughout this book. It always takes a team to support healing from pelvic pain. There are very few cases that I have seen, in my nearly 20 years of practice, where there is a silver bullet relief situation when it comes to pelvic pain because it's highly complex. The complexity of pelvic pain is a theme that we'll also continue to address throughout this book, as well. Often, when women go from physician to physician, practitioner to practitioner, holistic practitioners, western medical practitioners, physical therapists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, gynecologists, surgeons, what we're looking for is someone to fix the pain. Someone who has the magic solution, who can wave the magic wand and fix this because it is so life debilitating. While searching for a "fix," for a simple answer, from a health practitioner is a reasonable thing to do, the truth is that root cause healing from chronic pelvic pain takes working collaboratively with a team of practitioners (lead by the patient) in the majority of cases. It takes a depth of understanding that a variety of practitioners will have, and the collaboration of their knowledge with each patient's unique individuality and insight about her own body, health, and life. Ultimately the power lies with you, the woman struggling with the pain, as the team leader, pulling together a wide variety of recommendations that you may be receiving from various sources, and considering whether or not something that sounds true, feels true to you and your body. When I try it, how does my body respond? It does take some real effort to find those practitioners, to vet them, to utilize and listen to their recommendations and see how they gel with your body's needs and with your intuition. Clearly, that's difficult. It's much more difficult than if there were one practitioner with one simple solution. But, when we step into that empowered role of owning our healing dance, our healing journey, and realize that there probably is not one magic bullet solution, but that there is a recipe, a pelvic pain relieving recipe that is unique to your body and that can be found within the constellation of recommendations from a variety of practitioners, most of whom are very skilled and very well meaning, together you and your healing team will be ready for the journey. Sometimes you may get bad advice, and again your role is to be the leader of t

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