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10 Universal Rules of Love Plus One Guiding Principles to Understanding the Fundamentals of Love von Gray, Stephanie (eBook)

  • Verlag: BookBaby
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10 Universal Rules of Love Plus One

10 Universal Rules of Love - Plus One gives a fresh perspective on the journey to self-love. Through real life and comedic examples, this book provides guiding principles that will help you to navigate through self-defeating habits to a sustained healthy self-love; and ultimately to love with others. 10 Universal Rules of Love - Plus One will guide you through your process of support system selection, coping with past hurts, expectations you have of yourself and others, as well as other important components of your love habits; then shine a light on unhealthy love habits, and give you actionable steps to eliminate unhealthy habits, and replace them with healthy ways of thinking and acting in love. At the end of the journey in 10 Universal Rules of Love - Plus One, you will understand and be well on your way to completing the work necessary to make your journey through love and life a healthier and happier one.


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