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Eternal Samurai von Heywood, B. D. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.10.2016
  • Verlag: Icini Publishing Co.
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Eternal Samurai

Tatsu Kurosaki Cobb, the last of an ancient samurai house, will not stop until he takes the head of the vampire that butchered his family. But his vow of revenge means he gives up on any hope for that once-and-forever love. Then he crosses swords with Saito Arisada, second-in-command of Seattle's vampires and the most beautiful creature Tatsu has ever seen. The sexual chemistry between them is pure, hard, and undeniable. Unable to accept Arisada might be the killer, Tatsu begins a dangerous game. A game driven by the all-consuming thirst for blood that will force them to the extremes of love and hate. Fukush?, vengeance. It is all that has sustained Saito Arisada for eight-hundred years. S?hei monk turned vampire, he has searched for the returned soul of his lover who betrayed him and the Temple of Mii-dera. Arisada believes in only one thing-taking the head of the traitor. Yet, when Arisada sees that soul shining from Tatsu's emerald eyes, his hatred shatters. He wants Tatsu in his arms and in his bed and in his heart. But Arisada's samurai code of honor demands nothing less than Tatsu's death. How can Arisada kill his unmei no hito-his soulmate? From a bloody battlefield of feudal Japan to a world where humans and vampires fight for survival, Arisada and Tatsu must choose. At stake is not only love but honor. Warning: The book contains sexually explicit scenes, violence and adult language that may be considered offensive to some readers.


    Format: ePUB
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    Seitenzahl: 200
    Erscheinungsdatum: 15.10.2016
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9780988300064
    Verlag: Icini Publishing Co.
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Eternal Samurai

One The Temple of Mii-dera, Nipon, 1180 I t was a day of treachery. A day of blood and gore and death; of men shouting in triumph or screaming in agony. It was the day the humanity was ripped from Saito Arisada's soul. This was not Arisada's first battle, but it would be his last. He was S hei, one of Nipon's elite Buddhist warrior monks. Today, he was destined to die beneath an enemy's blade. He accepted that inescapable finality. In fact, he embraced it. But he was incapable of accepting the man Arisada loved more than life itself had betrayed him. Arisada's young, beautiful soul mate had chosen greed and ambition over honor and loyalty. Hatred consumed Arisada's heart. Oh, no, not for the soldiers that had come to slaughter them all. His heart burned with hate for his lover, Koji Nowaki. At dawn, Mii-dera's massive wooden gates burst inward, and twenty-five-thousand screaming warriors charged into the temple grounds. But hours before the assault, Arisada had received word of Nowaki's treachery. The youth had guided army sent to rescue Mii-dera along the wrong mountain path. Help could never arrive in time. Oh, my koibito, my beloved, why? Why had Nowaki, one of Mii-dera's youngest and most feared warriors, chosen such a dishonorable path? Arisada's heart replied: Nowaki had chosen ambition over love, status over honor. He had become the lover of the enemy's most powerful commander. Unmanned by a mélange of anguish and fury, Arisada dropped to his knees with a strangled cry. Ignorant of his lover's betrayal, Arisada was blameless for the terrible consequences. But none of that mattered. He was the traitor's bedmate. The only atonement for that lay in committing seppuku , ritual suicide. He tore off his leather chest plate and pressed his tanto's deadly tip against his naked abdomen. Arisada took a single, deep breath and steeled himself to drive the short knife into his belly. The enemy's howls of " Shi wa Mii-dera ," promising death to Mii-dera, shattered Arisada's single-minded purpose. His hand faltered and the knife skittered over his hipbone, leaving a bloody cut. Better to give his life defending his temple than waste it on his own blade. He sheathed the tanto , scrambled to his feet and tied on his armor. He pulled his nodachi from its sheath with a hiss. Brandishing the sword in one hand and his spear-like naginata in the other, he pelted to the front line. Arisada would fight to save Mii-dera-fight with all his strength and skill, but not his heart. His heart was already dead. Fueled only by his anguish, he fought like a mad man. Fought and prayed. Begged all the Gods for the chance to find and kill his green-eyed lover who'd betrayed them. Months ago, Mii-dera's ambitious abbot had forged an alliance with Prince Mochihito, an imposter to the throne. What did the bastard Prince care that the oaths of Mii-dera's warrior monks would bind them to a hopeless cause? The lust for power had ruled that day. Within weeks of the agreement, the Emperor retaliated, dispatching his massive army to Miidera with orders to take the heads of every S hei within its walls. The thousand Mii-dera S hei had no chance. Surrounded by the screams of the dying and the enemy's triumphant howls, Arisada wielded his weapons with maniacal force. The hours blurred. His senses reeled from the battle's din, the clash of weapons, the berserk howls of warriors and the screams of the maimed. Sweat, and perhaps tears, flowed into his eyes, clouding his vision. Fatigue weighted his limbs. A fire burned through muscle and sinew. Dust choked his lungs. He slipped and skidded on the treacherous footing beneath his heavy sandals. The world narrowed until nothing existed but the face and body of the fighter before him. Around him, fi

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