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The Amazing Tropical Adventures of a Swedish Retiree von Johansson, Goeran B (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.02.2016
  • Verlag: Goeran B Johansson
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The Amazing Tropical Adventures of a Swedish Retiree

Johan, an unemployed PC -technician is urged to apply for a job as a data administrator on a dating site. While he is checking up his prospective work on-line, his interest in seeking contact with women in this way awakes. It does not take long before Johan retires and travels to the Philippines where he has already gained some virtual lady friends. The very first day in Manila he becomes a victim of a kidnapping attempt...


    Format: ePUB
    Kopierschutz: none
    Seitenzahl: 336
    Erscheinungsdatum: 15.02.2016
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9789198287912
    Verlag: Goeran B Johansson
    Größe: 7115 kBytes
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The Amazing Tropical Adventures of a Swedish Retiree


I do not believe Lymene anymore. First, she says a sum, and then there will always be added new sums she had not thought of. So enough is enough now.

I am sick and tired of their "ask for money" mentality a la Philippines. Not that I cannot give anything. I can give much more, but I do not want to do it anymore. It disgusts me. It does not matter how much they are nagging me.

It does not help if they want to make love with me anymore. I'm not interested in it either. The worst thing is that I've lost interest in Lareci too now, since I've also noticed that she had the same features as all the other.

I do not know what it is. Perhaps it might be so because I've had too many? They are over ninety women now.

I do not go into a bank anymore, since Lareci told me that several robbers in Manila shot dead three security guards and two customers who tried to use a gun. They also took the bank manager, his wife and his daughter hostage. Two of the robbers were also killed but the other two got off with huge sums.

Now I have heard that Abu Sayyaf from Mindanao was behind the attack. The fighting is harder than ever in the Sulu Archipelago as the current president refused separatists the land which had previously been promised from the government side, but the Supreme Court said no. It is against the constitution, it was said.

But I have also heard that the U.S. is behind the pressure not to yield to blackmail. But the separatists have always the upper hand because they strike without warning. So Lareci s brother does not want to work as a bank security guard, even if the salary is much higher there, more than twice as much but it is deadly dangerous. But I am more afraid of the guards than of ordinary people. There are too many weapons in circulation.

I met a 19 year old girl outside a boarding house in Mactan. She is called Arra. I liked her charisma very much. She was very small and very smooth and talkative. She was a little protestor with a piercing in her tongue and tattoos here and there. She was notoriously restless. She was moving all the time and like with small kids, her leg could fly out here and there right as it was. Someone warned me that she can steal, but I am careful now so they never get a chance.

We texted to each other and it became clear that she needed help with the rent of her room. She came to my room and I must say that I have had many women, but this young lady has beaten everybody together hollow when it comes to carouse on the bed.

She lay flat on her stomach with her solid buttocks in the air and watched cable TV. Her legs were floundering both here and there. It was exciting. She had a really well-shaped rear.

When she saw the instrument which was properly upright she exclaimed:

- But ahh ... what a horse-dick! So it became a powerful missionary round and it went really heavy.

Right as it was it lost its power and I had no choice but to rest me awhile. Arra went watching TV again. I caressed her incredibly sensual black skin. And then it was extremely life in the erotic work tool again.

Now, however, I sat on the edge of the bed putting on a condom. I had such an incredible hard-on I've never, what I now can remember, had before.

But that was because she fingered it in special places. Then she took resolute hold of it, sat down with the butt and back to me and let it sink into her incentive slowly. It was an incredible powerful feeling. What a resistance, so tight she was.

Then she started working especially at the glans and the flange using an incomparable pincher technique. At the same time she spun around, one minute to the left and the other to the right and facing the inevitable finale she made several really powerful distinct humps. She squeezed her legs as a tailpiece and stayed this way now with her charming face against me. It was a climax that I've never experienc

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