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Hunger Young Soul in an Old Game von Fred, B. B. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.11.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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About a crack baby becoming victim to the urban life. A non fiction story with crazy life twists . Based in Seattle Wa


    Format: ePUB
    Kopierschutz: none
    Seitenzahl: 195
    Erscheinungsdatum: 14.11.2016
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781483586588
    Verlag: BookBaby
    Größe: 276kBytes
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CHAPTER ONE I t was a cold, starless night in deep June. D.B A.K.A Tre 'Dirt Bad' Jones was sleeping in his new gift, dreaming of a storm. He then was awakened by a heavy buzz of a ghetto bird. The storm in his dream must have been the sound of the wind off the blades of the helicopter as they spent, dropping the last of the agents at his door. He awoke and hit power on his six screen C.C.TV system to see the first set of men in black running around his home. The last of the agents jumped off the helicopter in all black body armor with guns at the ready. Before he knew it, he was moving at a quick pace. He jumped up to put the closest shoes to him on. He sat there for a minute trying to put his thoughts together. If it was any other house, he would have rushed to get out. But, his money was well spent, so to say. The doors on the outside was vaulted instead of regular key lock. There was a dial pad and when activated, rods came out of the door into the wall. He smiled to himself, and said, "Thank God for no attachments." The thought of him having no kids or a wife of his own comfort him. As Tre rushed to his safe, he said "Boy, they gone have a hard time." He was right, the glass was bullet proof, transparent, and reinforced. He watched his C.C.T.V from the safe wall where he had his life, most of it anyways. He grabbed a Jordan gym bag that held a 45, and twenty million in diamonds, plus another million in cash. He looked up to thank his lucky star, and friend Juan G. Vargos A.K.A Bingo (the drug king) for the house. Juan had told him if one of these nights was to happen, it would be OK long as he locked the house from his room pad. There was no way in, and only one way out. Now it was time to see for himself. He gave a deep laugh as he watched the men move around the outside of his home in South Cali. The agents outside ran around the home giving each other hand motions as the ghetto bird rose to put a spot light on the house. A few vans came down the driveway, then stopped. The men had already unloaded and was on foot. Some came out of the woods next to the driveway to see the clearing to a 16,000 sq. ft. fortress. One of the officers said, "What a house." His partner replied, "More than one for a kid that comes from nowhere. I'm going to see if I can buy it after we get his ass." They laughed as they took twenty more steps towards the house. It was game time, the laughter was gone. They surrounded the house, signaled, then bang! The swat team went into action. Some on the doors, and others on the windows. Shooting tear gas at every window on the house to all be rejected. As the tear gas hit the windows, it came full speed right back. The yard was engulfed with smoke. As the smoked raised, one of the agents said, "What the fuck! This never happens." The party of officers thanked their masks for stopping the gas from getting to them. As the gas blocked the view, the bird's lights hit the front door, which have not caved in yet. They now realized the house was built for just this purpose, to keep them out. The agent in charge radioed to the bird to buzz around the house to shine the light in, and try to look for movement. Not understanding the windows was all the same, the light just reflected back, and blinded him for a second. D.B just smiled as he thought of Juan's dream home, and how it was more than what he paid for. Now it was time to try the one way out. Putting in his code on the pad down stairs, the hidden office behind a wine case opened up to let him in. The agents called for a new and operative intrude team to come. The O.I.T unit was their last and only hope to get what they came for. The tank had a mass of power with a pole at the rear. As the tank roared to life, it came running up the quarter mile long brick driveway, and it stopped in front of the house. T

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