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A Companion to Henry James

  • Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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A Companion to Henry James

Written by some of the world's most distinguished Henry James scholars, this innovative collection of essays provides the most up-to-date scholarship on James's writings available today.
Provides an essential, up-to-date reference to the work and scholarship of Henry James
Features the writing of a wide range of James scholars
Places James's writings within national contexts - American, English, French, and Italian
Offers both an overview of contemporary James scholarship and a cutting edge resource for studying important individual topics
Greg W. Zacharias is professor of English and director of the Center for Henry James Studies at Creighton University. He is Co-general Editor with Pierre A. Walker of The Complete Letters of Henry James (Nebraska) and Executive Director of the Henry James Society.


A Companion to Henry James

Notes on Contributors

Michael Anesko is the author of "Friction with the Market": Henry James and the Profession of Authorship (1986) and Letters, Fictions, Lives: Henry James and William Dean Howells (1997). He is currently finishing a new book, Monsieur de l'Aubépine: The French Face of Nathaniel Hawthorne , a critical study and translation of francophone responses to one of the key figures of the American Renaissance.

Nicola Bradbury is Lecturer in English and American Literature at the University of Reading. She is the author of Henry James the Later Novels (1979) and several books and articles on James, Dickens, and the novel form.

Bill Brown is the Edward Carson Waller Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago, in the Department of English Language and Literature. He is the author of A Sense of Things: The Object Matter of American Literature (2003), and the editor of Things (2001), a special issue of Critical Inquiry that subsequently appeared in book form.

Gert Buelens has published several books on Henry James, multi-ethnic American literature, and cultural theory, and is the author of some sixty essays in collections and journals, the latter including the Henry James Review , Modern Philology , Texas Studies in Literature and Language , and PMLA . He serves on several editorial boards, including the Canadian Review of American Studies , Comparative American Studies , the Henry James E-Journal , the Henry James Review , MELUS , and Open Humanities Press . He is a past president (2005) of the Henry James Society.

Sarah Daugherty , Professor of English (retired) at Wichita State University, is the author of The Literary Criticism of Henry James (1981) and writes the Henry James chapter for American Literary Scholarship: An Annual .

Anna Despotopoulou is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Athens, Greece. Her published work includes articles on Henry James and publicity, Jane Austen, George Eliot, film adaptation of Victorian novels, and the contemporary playwright Peter Shaffer.

Jennifer Eimers is finishing her dissertation, "It is Art That Makes Life: Experiencing Visual Art in Henry James's Novels," at the University of Georgia. She has published articles in the Henry James Review and Searching for America: Essays on American Art and Architecture . Her research interests include nineteenth-century American literature, British Aestheticism, Southern literature, and scholarly editing.

Evelyne Ender holds a doctorate in Comparative Literature from the Université de Genève. She is currently professor of French at Hunter and at the Graduate Center at CUNY. Her specialties are nineteenth- and twentieth-century French and English literatures, feminist criticism and gender, and memory studies. She is the author of Sexing the Mind: Nineteenth-Century Fictions of Hysteria (1995) and Architexts of Memory: Literature, Science, and Autobiography (2005), which won the 2006 Scaglione Prize in Comparative Literary Studies.

Denis Flannery is Senior Lecturer in American and English Literature at the School of English, University of Leeds. His first book, Henry James: A Certain Illusion was published in 2000 and his second, On Sibling Love, Queer Attachment and American Writing was published in 2007. As well as several articles on James, Flannery has written extensively on visual culture, most notably on the work of David Fincher and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Wendy Graham is an Associate Professor of English at Vassar College, where she teaches British and American Literatu


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