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Amber's Story von Smith, J. A. (eBook)

  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Amber's Story

Amber should have had a perfect life. In school, she was smart and popular. She married her high school sweetheart. Now, twelve years later, she is divorced and starting over. With help from her best friend Kelly, Amber gets a second chance to learn about friendships, love, and sex...all the things that make life special. With Kelly helping expand her sexual knowledge, it's not long before Amber is shaving down below and sporting a little, yellow rose tattoo on her butt. Amber gets her first vibrator and becomes proficient at masturbating to her nasty, kinky erotic fantasies. Amber and Kelly take a week vacation to an erotic, allinclusive resort in Jamaica, where Amber is introduced to nudity, public sex, flogging, group sex, and bisexuality, as Amber and Kelly become tongue to pussy close. They never expected this All Inclusive part to include so much sex! Back in California, Amber meets Matt, a handsome firefighter. What she likes the handsome part, her firefighter grandpa died at a fire when she was young. Though she doesn't want to get involved with Matt, he does intrigue her. Plus their dates and trips with Matt are terrific, romantic, and sexual. Whiles she tries to keep her relationship with Matt strictly fun and games, her growing feelings for him push her into a seemingly no win situation...move in with him or cool their relationship.


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Amber's Story

Chapter Two

Amber & Kelly

Soon after her separation, at Kelly's urging, Amber began a self-help program. She started working out and watching what she ate. She signed up for classes at the community college, mostly to have a purpose and give her something to do in the evenings. Kelly encouraged her to work out, eat healthy, and date.

Amber wants to get in shape; Kelly is right there to help, and exercises with Amber often. When they started, Kelly suggested they both weigh-in and take measurements of themselves to track their progress. Kelly has them both put on a swimsuit for their measurement session. Amber's swimsuit is a two-piece bikini but not one of the skimpy types. Kelly's swimsuit, on the other hand, is tiny. The bottom is a thong with her ass cheeks visible.

They measure each other, taking careful notes on a pad. Kelly measures Amber first, beginning at the top with her breasts. She runs the soft cloth measuring tape right over the center of her titties. It pushes against her nipples. Amber feels Kelly lightly brush against her breast, as she adjusts the tape. Kelly notes the measurement and moves to Amber's waist, and then her hips. Amber feels Kelly's fingers brush against her ass lightly, as Kelly makes sure the measuring tape is at the correct location. Amber is a bit flushed. It is not really anything sexual, but she has never felt the soft touch of a woman on her body before. She is looking forward to measuring Kelly.

Kelly hands her the tape. Amber runs it around Kelly's large titties. Kelly's swimsuit is barely wider than the tape measure. Amber makes sure it is in the right place and makes sure her fingers brush against Kelly's titties. She does not spend too much time measuring Kelly's waist and heads right to her ass. Here she lets her open hand smooth the tape over Kelly's firm, bare butt cheeks. When Amber is behind Kelly, she cannot help but notice a small tattoo of a rose on her ass. "Wow, cool tattoo, but it's in a place only your lover or your gynecologist can see."

"It's just a hint of naughtiness. You should think about a little tattoo back there too."

"Did it hurt?"

"Yes a little, but I enjoyed sticking my ass in the face of the tattoo guy."

"Let me think about it." She likes the idea of it being back there but is a bit of a sissy when it comes to pain.

They both enjoy the measuring session and agree to measure often. Amber is thinking, it couldn't be too often for me . There was not much touching between them, but it was exciting.

Next, it is time to weigh. Kelly says, "It is important to weigh often to keep track of your progress and keep you motivated." Kelly has already weighed earlier, but volunteers to help Amber with her initial weigh in. "Amber, you need to slip your swimsuit off to weight. You want it to be accurate. You should weigh at the same time of the day, usually in the morning."

"Naked?" Amber says with a little gasp.

"Absolutely, you want an accurate measurement," Kelly says with a straight face, while chuckling to herself inside.

Amber is a little self-conscious, as she removes her top, exposing her titties. Amber can see Kelly looking right at them. The bottom of her swimsuit is next. There is no stopping now. She is flushed a little again, as she steps out of the bottom. Stepping on the scale, Amber thinks it is bad enough to be a couple pounds overweight, but having to weigh in front of Kelly is depressing. This is going to be super motivation to get in shape. Kelly is noting the weight, but also taking in Amber's nakedness. Kelly wishes they were both naked. Amber feels very unclothed and puts her swimsuit back on quickly.

"Amber, we are going to have to do something about that bush."


"Yeah, all that hair on your pussy; it's much nicer and smoother when you shave it bare."

"You shave your pussy?" Amber

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