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Cynthia's Revels von Jonson, Ben (eBook)

  • Verlag: Charles River Editors
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Cynthia's Revels

Ben Jonson was an English playwright and poet. Jonson wrote many famous plays and was considered to be the second most prominent writer during his time after William Shakespeare. This edition of Cynthia's Revels includes a table of contents.


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Cynthia's Revels



CUP. Who goes there?

MER. 'Tis I, blind archer.

CUP. Who, Mercury?

MER. Ay.

CUP. Farewell.

MER. Stay Cupid.

CUP. Not in your company, Hermes, except your hands were riveted at

your back.

MER. Why so, my little rover?

CUP. Because I know you have not a finger, but is as long as my

quiver, cousin Mercury, when you please to extend it.

MER. Whence derive you this speech, boy?

CUP. O! 'tis your best polity to be ignorant. You did never steal

Mars his sword out of the sheath, you! nor Neptune's trident! nor

Apollo's bow! no, not you! Alas, your palms, Jupiter knows, they

are as tender as the foot of a foundered nag, or a lady's face new

mercuried, they'll touch nothing.

MER. Go to, infant, you'll be daring still.

CUP. Daring! O Janus! what a word is there? why, my light

feather-heel'd coz, what are you any more than my uncle Jove's

pander? a lacquey that runs on errands for him, and can whisper a

light message to a loose wench with some round volubility? wait

mannerly at a table with a trencher, warble upon a crowd a little,

and fill out nectar when Ganymede's away? one that sweeps the god's

drinking-room every morning, and sets the cushions in order again,

which they threw one at another's head over night; can brush the

carpets, call the stools again to their places, play the crier of

the court with an audible voice, and take state of a president upon

you at wrestlings, pleadings, negociations, etc. Here's the

catalogue of your employments, now! O, no, I err; you have the

marshalling of all the ghosts too that pass the Stygian ferry, and

I suspect you for a share with the old sculler there, if the truth

were known; but let that scape. One other peculiar virtue you

possess, in lifting, or leiger-du-main, which few of the house of

heaven have else besides, I must confess. But, methinks, that

should not make you put that extreme distance 'twixt yourself and

others, that we should be said to "over-dare" in speaking to your

nimble deity. So Hercules might challenge priority of us both,

because he can throw the bar farther, or lift more join'd stools at

the arm's end, than we. If this might carry it, then we, who have

made the whole body of divinity tremble at the twang of our bow,

and enforc'd Saturnius himself to lay by his curled front, thunder,

and three-fork'd fires, and put on a masking suit, too light for a

reveller of eighteen to be seen in-

MER. How now! my dancing braggart in decimo sexto! charm your

skipping tongue, or I'll-

CUP. What! use the virtue of your snaky tip staff there upon us?

MER. No, boy, but the smart vigour of my palm about your ears.

You have forgot since I took your heels up into air, on the very

hour I was born, in sight of all the bench of deities, when the

silver roof of the Olympian palace rung again with applause of

the fact.

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