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Daddy's Forbidden Desire - Volume 2 von Sloan, Veronica (eBook)

  • Verlag: Boruma Publishing, LLC
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Daddy's Forbidden Desire - Volume 2

After being seduced by his daughter Katie, Dale is trying to control his lustful urges...but Katie just can't get enough of her daddy! She calls him at work, sends him lingerie in the mail, and then, while Dale is away on a business trip, she shows up at his hotel bar wearing nothing but a skin-tight cocktail dress. How long can Dale hold out before once again giving in to his forbidden desire? ----- Excerpt ----- Across the lobby he let the girl lead him. He thought she was leading him to the elevators but she went past them on the way to the stairs. Together they pushed through the door and stopped at the landing. 'You're on the fourth floor, aren't you?' Katie said. 'Yes,' said Dale. He felt like he had fallen into a familiar dream several miles below sea level. His heart was beating fast. Katie suddenly seemed much shyer than in the bar. Maybe it was because she was alone with her father for the first time. She slowly dropped his hand. 'Do you want to take me up?' Dale stared down at her. The sterile stairway lights could do nothing to spoil the youthful glow that emanated from her body. Katie saw the way his eyes traced over her, but saw too where they stopped, which was where men's eyes never stopped, on her eyes. She smiled at him slowly. 'It's good to see you.' He said it, which made her bolder. She took his hand again. 'Take me upstairs.' He didn't answer. He just followed her. Katie led him up the white stairwell. The walls were painted in thick layers of white paint that contrasted sharply with the dim, blackish railings. She took him up and took the stairs in her heels. The whole time she felt his eyes on her and she led him, flight after flight, to the top. As she reached for the door she suddenly felt his body rush against hers and she turned in time to throw her arms up and let him crush her against the door. She opened her mouth and his tongue melted over her own. His strong fingers dug into the flesh of her thigh as he pushed her up the wall. Her thighs opened. Her hand went limp and dropped her purse over his shoulder. It made a plastic smack on the concrete. 'Katie, this-' She bit his cheek angrily and he recoiled. He stared into her eyes, which burned. She set her chin defiantly. 'Pick up my purse.' He let her slide down his body for a long time. Somehow she settled back to earth, first one heel touching the concrete, then the other. She watched her father bend down and pick up the purse. When he handed it to her she opened the door to let them onto the fourth floor corridor. She knew which one was his from his email. So they continued down the hallway like any normal people would until they got to room 432. Katie turned around and held out her hand for the door key. It was in his pocket, but he wasn't sure if he should give it to her. 'Are you mad?' she said. His blood was boiling. Everywhere. He saw Katie in multiple dimensions: as a woman, as a gorgeous young woman, as his daughter, as his... He couldn't stop now. He pressed her against his door, right there in the corridor, and reached under her shimmering dress.


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