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Delphi Complete Works of Wilkie Collins (Illustrated) von Collins, Wilkie (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.08.2015
  • Verlag: Delphi Classics
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Delphi Complete Works of Wilkie Collins (Illustrated)

Dickens' great friend and fellow novelist deserves a place in the digital library of all lovers of fine literature. This is the COMPLETE WORKS of Wilkie Collins. Why buy any other digital version, which will have texts missing? This is the only eBook available with every novel, every short story - even the very rare ones ñ published play, non-fiction text and much, much more! Now you can truly own all of Collins' works on your eReader, and all in ONE well-organised file. (Current version: 4) Please visit www.delphiclassics.com to browse through our vast range of titles. Features: brief but informative introductions to the novels and other texts images of how the books first appeared, giving your eReader a taste of the original Victorian texts ALL 23 novels and EACH with its own contents table - you won't get lost in this eBook! bonus illustrations in the Dickensian novel 'Hide and Seek' and the gothic novel 'The Dead Secret' Includes Collins' rare unfinished novel 'Blind Love', often missed out of collections ALL of the short stories, with excellent formatting the collaborative texts with Dickens are provided in their complete state even INCLUDES Collins' complete non-fiction, including his biography of his father - a very rare text ALL of the published plays - many available nowhere else in digital format SPECIAL BONUS text of John Forster's biography of Dickens - explore the great man's amazing life and his many connections to Wilkie Collins many beautiful images related to Collins, his life and works rare non-fiction articles from Dickens' magazine 'Household Words' UPDATED with the biographical work WILKIE COLLINS' CHARMS by Olive Logan, his close friend scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres The eBook also includes a front no-nonsense table of contents to allow easy navigation around Collins' immense oeuvre. Welcome to hours upon hours upon hours of reading one of literature's greatest novelists! CONTENTS The Novels ANTONINA BASIL HIDE AND SEEK THE DEAD SECRET A ROGUE'S LIFE THE WOMAN IN WHITE NO NAME ARMADALE THE MOONSTONE MAN AND WIFE POOR MISS FINCH THE NEW MAGDALEN THE LAW AND THE LADY THE TWO DESTINIES THE FALLEN LEAVES JEZEBELíS DAUGHTER THE BLACK ROBE HEART AND SCIENCE 'I SAY NO' THE EVIL GENIUS GUILTY RIVER THE LEGACY OF CAIN BLIND LOVE The Novellas and Shorter Fiction MR WRAY'S CASH BOX THE OSTLER AFTER THE DARK A HOUSE TO LET THE HAUNTED HOUSE THE GHOST IN THE CUPBOARD ROOM THE QUEEN OF HEARTS MY MISCELLANIES NO THOROUGHFARE MISS OR MRS? and many more! The Plays NO NAME THE FROZEN DEEP NO THOROUGHFARE BLACK AND WHITE NO NAME: THE WOMAN IN WHITE THE NEW MAGDALEN MISS GWILT THE MOONSTONE The Non-Fiction MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF WILLIAM COLLINS RAMBLES BEYOND RAILWAYS A PICTORIAL TOUR TO ST. GEORGE BOSHERVILLE. and many more! The Biographies WILKIE COLLINSí CHARMS BY OLIVE LOGAN THE LIFE OF CHARLES DICKENS BY J. FORSTER


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Delphi Complete Works of Wilkie Collins (Illustrated)



T HE MOUNTAINS FORMING the range of Alps which border on the north-eastern confines of Italy, were, in the autumn of the year 408, already furrowed in numerous directions by the tracks of the invading forces of those northern nations generally comprised under the appellation of Goths.

In some places these tracks were denoted on either side by fallen trees, and occasionally assumed, when half obliterated by the ravages of storms, the appearance of desolate and irregular marshes. In other places they were less palpable. Here, the temporary path was entirely hidden by the incursions of a swollen torrent; there, it was faintly perceptible in occasional patches of soft ground, or partly traceable by fragments of abandoned armour, skeletons of horses and men, and remnants of the rude bridges which had once served for passage across a river or transit over a precipice.

Among the rocks of the topmost of the range of mountains immediately overhanging the plains of Italy, and presenting the last barrier to the exertions of a traveller or the march of an invader, there lay, at the beginning of the fifth century, a little lake. Bounded on three sides by precipices, its narrow banks barren of verdure or habitations, and its dark and stagnant waters brightened but rarely by the presence of the lively sunlight, this solitary spot - at all times mournful - presented, on the autumn of the day when our story commences, an aspect of desolation at once dismal to the eye and oppressive to the heart.

It was near noon; but no sun appeared in the heaven. The dull clouds, monotonous in colour and form, hid all beauty in the firmament, and shed heavy darkness on the earth. Dense, stagnant vapours clung to the mountain summits; from the drooping trees dead leaves and rotten branches sunk, at intervals, on the oozy soil, or whirled over the gloomy precipice; and a small steady rain fell, slow and unintermitting, upon the deserts around. Standing upon the path which armies had once trodden, and which armies were still destined to tread, and looking towards the solitary lake, you heard, at first, no sound but the regular dripping of the rain-drops from rock to rock; you saw no prospect but the motionless waters at your feet, and the dusky crags which shadowed them from above. When, however, impressed by the mysterious loneliness of the place, the eye grew more penetrating and the ear more attentive, a cavern became apparent in the precipices round the lake; and, in the intervals of the heavy rain-drops, were faintly perceptible the sounds of a human voice.

The mouth of the cavern was partly concealed by a large stone, on which were piled some masses of rotten brushwood, as if for the purpose of protecting any inhabitant it might contain from the coldness of the atmosphere without. Placed at the eastward boundary of the lake, this strange place of refuge commanded a view not only of the rugged path immediately below it, but of a large plot of level ground at a short distance to the west, which overhung a second and lower range of rocks. From this spot might be seen far beneath, on days when the atmosphere was clear, the olive grounds that clothed the mountain's base, and beyond, stretching away to the distant horizon, the plains of fated Italy, whose destiny of defeat and shame was now hastening to its dark and fearful accomplishment.

The cavern, within, was low and irregular in form. From its rugged walls the damp oozed forth upon its floor of decayed moss. Lizards and noisome animals had tenanted its comfortless recesses undisturbed, until the period we have just described, when their miserable rights were infringed on for the first time by human intruders.

A woman crouched near the entrance of the place. More within, on the driest part of the ground, lay a child asleep. Between them were scattered s

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