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Fishing for compliments A ménage à trois in the world of academia von Mangan, Patrick (eBook)

  • Verlag: neobooks Self-Publishing
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Fishing for compliments

Holden was into fish. He caught them, studied them, and sometimes he smelled of them. Whenever we went out for a beer or two, he would talk endlessly about the various types of fishing-rods, he would lament the inadequacy of a particular brand of hooks and he would brag about the pike he once caught. He also kept saying that he would love to catch a perch, but that they were either too smart or too rare to be caught. I remember him saying once that he baited his hooks with pieces of sticklebacks, but that the supply was low and that demand was high, so he had changed back to artificial lures, despite the poor results. An allegedly still young man who is starting to feel old.


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