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Fuzzy Thoughts of a Small Town Girl von Antins, Maria (eBook)

  • Verlag: First Edition Design Publishing
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Fuzzy Thoughts of a Small Town Girl

When a small town girl Nora is on her way to her hometown 'Lost Creek' to spend the summer with her Grandmother, fate intervenes with her plans. Her summer starts off roughly, and her plans change. Nora who is a firm believer of true love is tested in different ways but never gives up hope that one day she will find her soul mate. When she meets Colin, Nora wonders whether he could be the one but does he feel the same way? With all the fuzzy thoughts and insecurities going through her mind, will she find what she's looking for? Maria Antins is a wife and a mother and lives in The Netherlands. Maria started writing short stories as a child and wrote some scripts as a teenager. It was not until she was an adult she started her first novel. Music inspires her to write. When Maria is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading books on rainy days with a hot cup of coffee.


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Fuzzy Thoughts of a Small Town Girl


Back in Black

There I was on my way home. After five years, I was finally going home. If it hadn't been for Gran calling me, I guess I wouldn't have gone back this summer. She sounded unwell but told me not to worry. Knowing Gran, she always acted tougher than she was.

Last time I saw her was during Christmas. She came to visit me just as she did the past couple of years. It's the only time of the year she takes some time off. I remembered when my brother Jay - who was named after my Indian grandfather and I were young, Gran used to take us away every Christmas. We would stay at my parents' cabin in the Lost Creek woods. The caretaker, Mr. Jefferson, would be sure he brought us the biggest tree he could find. On Christmas Eve we would decorate the tree and drink hot cocoa while sitting on the porch of the cabin under a thick blanket. Just the three of us. Most of my friends from the city didn't get why we enjoyed an intimate Christmas like this. Like I explained to my friend Julie, Christmas was the only time of the year we could be together and I mean really be together. Gran owned a diner where she worked seven days a week. It was not for the money; the diner was her life. She loved baking and cooking all types of dishes. My favorite dish was her famous pineapple pie with some homemade ice cream and whipped cream accompanied of course by her homemade hot cocoa. Remembering all this, I started to feel hungry.

I had been driving for about four hours, and I had only eaten some cereal before leaving home that morning. It was still another hour's drive. I should have traveled by air, but I like driving. The scenery, on the way back to Lost Creek, is beautiful. Last time I took this route I was on my way to a new life in Pennsylvania. I was seventeen when I bought my car, a red 1985 Mustang GT. I had just gotten my license, and I felt so proud. I loved the sound of this car. Unfortunately, my Mushy, as I named my beautiful car, was not as reliable as it used to be. It had started making these funny noises since last year, but I didn't have the time or the money to have it checked out. I was planning to bring Mushy for a checkup at Markey's. He was the only mechanic in Lost Creek. I was hoping that he could fix up Mushy, but if he couldn't, I would have to buy another car. At least I knew I could trust him.

Anyway, back then I had no idea what was out there for me. Being a small-town girl, everything out there seemed big and scary. Gran supported me in my choices. I had always wanted to do something with fashion. So growing up, I started making my own dresses and outfits. Well, I used old clothes or curtains without Gran's permission. Even then she supported me and sent me on a sewing course at Ms. Shauny. Ms. Shauny, our town's seamstress, she was very excited to help me out because apparently none of the other youngsters liked this art. I learned a lot from her, and after high school, I got accepted into a top Columbus College of Art & Design in Pennsylvania where I got my Bachelor's degree. After finishing school, I started working at my friend Julie's place where she designs low budget wedding dresses. She gave me the opportunity to get some experience in designing. Last week we celebrated her first successful year. She had asked me to become her partner as she wanted to extend her business. The job was really hard work, but I loved it. I was thinking about accepting her offer, but I wasn't sure if I could do this the rest of my life. I hardly had a social life as it was.

My last date was over six months ago! It wasn't really a success. His name was Roger if I remember correctly. I met him at Beanie's, a coffee place where I bought my chai latte every morning with a cream cheese bagel. I lived with Julie in an apartment right above Beanie's. The owner, Chris, became a good friend af

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