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Harmony Bay von Gahan, Tom (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.06.2011
  • Verlag: First Edition Design Publishing
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Harmony Bay

An adventurous slice of waterfront life where mystery surrounds history. A sweet story with likeable characters. If you're looking for a pleasant read about a single mom and her son discovering the charm of a small town, mixed with bits of history, romance and adventure, this one's for you! Gahan uses vivid descriptions of the details of boating, fishing and aquatic life, as well as the physical and psychological makeup of this fictional bayside community.

Tom has run the gamut from newspaper columnist to feature writer to speechwriter. His freelance writing has helped build the image of various corporate clients. Harmony Bay: An adventurous slice of waterfront life where mystery surrounds history, a well-received novel, earned a place on an international list of authors at GoodReads.com, 'Writers You Should Get to Know.' Harmony Bay is a required read at several high schools. Additionally, many know Tom as the creator of NY State's largest outdoor music festival. This accomplishment earned Tom accolades and numerous awards including the prestigious Gold Key Award from my hometown Chamber of Commerce and two citations from the U.S. Congress. Tom was also named 2009's Civic Leader of the Year for humanitarian work. Tom is happily married and lives on Long Island's East End in New York. Member of: Long Island Authors Group Long Island Writers' Guild Eastern Long Island Executive's Roundtable.


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Harmony Bay

Chapter 4

The adventurous twosome spent the next couple of weeks getting used to their new surroundings. Dory started her new position at the Harmony Bay Library as a reference librarian. James joined his class at Harmony Bay Elementary School. Dory felt very much at ease at the library. Her coworkers were all friendly and lacked the cattiness of the employees at her former job in the city. It was a pleasure to work there. Dory actually looked forward to each day at the red brick, well-windowed building. However, she didn't relish the thought of sending James off to school in a new environment without friends or siblings. Dory intuitively knew-for the long term, this was a far better life for James and he'd adapt. She felt James was outgoing enough to make new friends soon.

Her boss, Mrs. Lanscome the library director, was a peach as Dory described her. Everyone in town knew Mrs. Lanscome, although, it wasn't difficult given the size of Harmony Bay. Some knew her as the library lady, some as head of the Garden Club and others for her powerful soprano voice in the church choir. In her senior years, she still had the energy of a woman forty years her junior. Always first in the door at the library and last to leave, her calendar was always full. She liked it that way.

Margaret Eleanor Lanscome, or Mel as her close friends and family called her, kept her hair in a fashionable, yet businesslike style. She still maintained the honeyed blond tone of her youthful days. No one in Harmony Bay had ever seen her wear anything other than a dress or a skirt. Even for gardening, or the most casual affairs, it was never pants. "I am a lady first and I shall always present myself like a lady," the elder member of the Bay's aristocracy would say. Like her coiffure, she maintained a trendy level of dress. Her footwear was always stylish. She always wore high heels. At work those shoes were her trademark, offering a staccato teletype of her location on the library's terrazzo floors. Mrs. Lanscome always spoke in a pinched, high-pitched voice. It gave her an air of arrogance. In actuality, she was not like that at all. When she asked patrons how they or their families were, she was always truly sincere and concerned.

Her husband Fred was a retired science professor from the university up west. Fred gave his social butterfly wife as much room as she needed. He was content to fish, enjoying the golden years at their bay front home.

Instead of James riding the bus, Dory decided to drive him to school the first few days until he got his whereabouts. Dropping James off for the start of school was going to get her to her job early since his classes started an hour before the library opened. She figured she could use the time wisely to organize her desk. It would give her the freedom of a few moments to enjoy a cup of coffee and read the Harmony Bay Gazette.

Dory and James arrived at the school far in advance of the bell on the first day so she and James could both meet his new teacher, Miss Donnelly. James liked her. Sensing his apprehensions, she was very kind to him.

"Here's your cubicle to stow your stuff," Miss Donnelly explained. "That will eliminate you having to carry home books that we aren't using for homework. I don't give a lot of homework, but whatever I assign, I expect to be handed in on time." She showed him where to hang his coat in the back of the classroom. "I think you are now the tallest boy in my classroom." She patted the top of his dark chestnut hair. "We'll have to check that later."

"Me? The tallest? Really?"

"Probably so. I see your mom is very tall."

"My dad was, too."

"I see," Miss Donnelly said. "Have a look around the room while I chitchat with your mom."

James invest

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