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Homers Mountain von Allen, Rick (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.11.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Homers Mountain

As a writer of mystery novels, I find Homers Mountain one of my best works. We have two young couples being asked to go through many life changes and experiences before they are ready. While living the dream they find themselves out of their league for the mystery on the mountain. In this high pace, fast moving novel you will get to experience all of your emotions just as they are. When you finally think you have it all figured out, new twists and complications arrive changing everything you thought to be true. Let your mind go and find yourself trying to help these fictional characters answer life's questions as they arise. You will quickly find this novel to be one of your favorites that you will read many times. Have patients my friends. There is a lot to say in a short period of time. I know once you have read this novel; you will find yourself wanting more. Our young couples have many adventures, all as compelling as the first one you have read. We are waiting for you to join us. Come and read what it is all about.


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Homers Mountain

Chapter Two Dads Childhood Secret When we finally got back to our home Mom said it's starting to get late. Rick you need to make sure you have everything ready for your first day back at school. My brother Mark had just graduated last year and this is my senior year. One that every kid in school waits on, and all I could think about was Laura. This might be a lot tougher on me than I thought. I don't feel like doing anything and my stomach hurts. Now my dad, Bob Allen a very smart business savvy man who would set in our family room which over looked our island with a telescope just looking at the mountains and resort thinking of new and exciting ways to make the island more profitable. You would think he would take some time off and relax. It's not like we needed the money, but that was just how my Dad was, always planning for the future. He would set there and tell stories of how the island used to be when Mom and Dad first met. Dad told my brother and me how he and some of his friends liked to climb to the tops of the mountains and repel down the steep sides. He said, if you ever wanted to feel like you really achieved something in life we should give that a try. Just at that time my Mom speaks up and said, Bob don't you tell them boys to do that? You remember what happened. Dad looked over at Mom and just sat back in his chair looking out the window and he got very quiet. I asked my parents, what happened? You can't say something like that and not finish. Mom looks to Dad and says, Bob if you want to, just go ahead and tell them. Dad begins with a question. Have you ever climbed Homers Mountain? Mark says that you can only climb just over half way and there is signs on the fence. They say Danger loose rock, do not pass. Dad replies that there is a good reason for that and I don't want you boys anywhere near that place. I asked, Why not dad? He replies, when I was about your age Rick, my friends Luke and Thomas and I wanted to repel down the steepest mountain side on the island. I said, not Homers Mountain? At the base of its west side it has a drop of over four hundred feet straight down into the ocean. Dad says, Yes, Homers Mountain. Mark said that's the craziest thing I ever heard Dad. I can see boulders slide off that mountain almost daily when I'm ferrying guests around the island. Dad responds, I know, I know. Now, do you want to hear the story or not? My brother and I sat back on the couch and listened. Dad begins to us that the three of them was as close to one another as you can be without being brothers. We never had done anything without the other two. We skied together to see who could go the fastest and always challenging one another to see who could jump the farthest. We climbed all the mountains just so we could say we did. We always repelled down the steepest sides like no one else, all but the famous Homers Mountain. We spoke about it but never tried. We knew that mountain was very dangerous from all the stories that we heard. Now when we were at school, some of the kids were kind of envious of us. They would tell us that they can all ski and climb mountains. Look around, that's all there is to do. Tell us something we can't do? Immediately Thomas spoke up and said, we are going to repel off Homers Mountain. Is that something everybody can do? All of the kids asked us when are we going to do that? They want to be there. Luke spoke up and said that we are going to repel down the mountain this Saturday morning. You should be there unless you are chicken and don't tell your parents. That quickly became the talk of the school. We knew everybody was going to be there. It was early Saturday morning and the three of us had climbed up almost to the summit of the mountain with all of our gear talking amongst ourselves. I asked if we were sure about d

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