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Inside Out of Bubble von Buncic, Sava (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 27.05.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Inside Out of Bubble

Clive is happy in his marriage, self-contained and content, when he finds himself enmeshed in a web of corruption. He comes to know the uglier aspects of the modern world and the dark side of human nature more personally than before. The life he knows and loves slowly unravels before his eyes, as forces outside his control potent enough to poke into and completely burst his bubble start imposing themselves on his little world. His defence against the incoming barrage is not enough to deflect distressing interference from the outside. While these, individually, are relatively small, when combined and continuous, they make a powerful, crushing, tectonically life-changing impact on Clive and Mary. Can you create, protect and maintain your own precious circle deep in the ocean of modern society awash with rapidly growing selfishness, empty hedonism, fading moral values, cultural dumbing down, corruption and political machination? How high is the price you must be ready to pay, when fighting to be left alone? Do you get help from the state and your community, or do they ignore you, push you away? Is love - for woman or man, family, friends - the only help you can expect? Clive's fate highlights the absolute need of most people for personal freedom, and their major difficulties in achieving it when they differ from others, even when they stand up for their right to live as they wish.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 27.05.2016
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Inside Out of Bubble

2. Quorum Sensing Mary's mobile phone rang, and as she picked it up from the coffee table and said a few sentences, Clive understood it was her sister Rachel calling. She and Ian lived in another city, where he owned a construction company operating in several countries and specialising in large-scale earth-moving projects. Mary talked cheerily: 'Yes, we're well thanks, everything's hunky dory...How are you guys over there? Kids are managing well, living away from home?...No, we haven't had a summer holiday yet...Yes, we'll drop by to see you, the first time we're heading in your direction.' Then, after pausing for a while, her voice slightly hardened: 'OK, spit it out now, Rachel, why are you calling, actually?' The two of them had a normal, sisterly relationship - ever good and even better since their parents died - but they were not in the habit of frequently contacting each other just for small talk. When they did get in touch, Mary talked to Rachel exactly like she did to everybody else; no beating around the bush. Most people thought her way of communication was a bit too direct, almost blunt; not much sensitivity, let alone diplomacy. She had a sharp mind, could see through people's foggy-talking covers even when elaborately prepared, and would inevitably and unhesitatingly tell them what she sensed. Some would even say, usually through lightly nervous laughter, that they felt a little intimidated when talking to her. Others, that they could tell her anything, but wouldn't dare to lie. To adversaries and friends alike, she was sometimes known as 'scary Mary'; she did not appear to mind that. She was, basically, honest and open, and everybody knew exactly where they stood with her. And that, in turn, would induce, or enhance, sincerity in others too. 'Why should you and I talk about Clive's and Ian's business affairs, it's entirely up to them?' Mary shook her head, and went silent for quite some time, listening to a long story from the other end. 'Look, Clive did tell me some time ago that Ian suggested a change to a part of that road, but Clive said it'd fall outside the optimal cost-benefit frame, so it was unacceptable. Now, why are you talking about that?' she asked, clearly impatient. After listening to another seemingly long story, she said quite cuttingly: 'I don't know any further details, but I do know Clive - if he said so, then Ian's suggestion is wrong. Clive's a damned good and proper engineer; he certainly knows better than anybody. So there's no way that I'll talk to him about changing his mind. You can both just forget it, once and for all!' A few moments later, she frowned and then almost yelled: 'No, Clive is neither selfish nor unhelpful, how dare you say that? He's always thinking of others first, but he's also clean-handed, fair-dealing in his job. Ian and you - I can see that - want to use him for your own agenda and benefit, to sell his life-long honesty for your own profit...Actually, do tell me, how much money would you two personally get out of that?' She kept shaking her head while listening for a while longer, and clenched her other hand into a fist, but finally her voice became icy cold and she stressed every word extremely calmly: 'Shut up and listen Rachel. Clive's the best man alive. I will not allow you to throw any of your dirt on him, or even to get it anywhere near him. You're my sister by birth, not by my choice. But Clive, he's my choice, and for life; he is my life! From now on, I don't want you, or Ian, to come near us; that doesn't apply to your children, though. So, don't call us again...actually, ever.' Mary put the phone down, sat stiffly back in the armchair and was silent. Although he had not heard what Rachel had said exactly, he could guess. And yes, clearly, Mary had clearly dropped her sister for him. He was stunned, and looked at her with amazement. Her ta

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