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Kelly's Story von Smith, J. A. (eBook)

  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Kelly's Story

Kelly was the girl no one noticed in school. But in five short years, things have changed. At her fiveyear reunion, no one knows she is, but heads quickly turn when she walks in the room. She's gone from little miss nobody to the fox of the party. Relying on her wild imagination to furnish her with naughty ideas, she becomes quite the sexual adventuress. She explores her lesbian side with a coworker. Wears short skirts and no panties when she tries on shoes, getting the reaction she hopes for when sexy young salesclerks stare into her wide open crotch. Then, enlisting the assistance of her good friend Wendy, the pair pick up male playmates for hot threeways. They go so far as to force one of their lovers to jack off and eat his own cum. And yet, even the freespirited Kelly wants someone special in her life. She's dating two men simultaneously, a handsome, dignified doctor and a hot motorcycle cop. While she likes them both, she knows eventually she'll need to choose between them. But which one?


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Kelly's Story

Chapter One

On Her Own

Kelly watches Amber walk to her car from the front window of her house. Amber has been her roommate for three years and her best friend for longer than that. With Kelly's blessing, Amber is headed to see her boyfriend to tell him she loves him. Amber is not sure about her boyfriend Matt, but Kelly knows he feels the same way about Amber. This is going to be a change for Kelly, not only is she going to be losing her roommate but her occasional lover.

They were more than just living together. Amber moved in with Kelly when she and her ex-husband split up. She and Kelly worked together and eventually played together. She is the closest friend Kelly has ever had. If Kelly had been a lesbian, Amber would have been her love interest. Both girls are pretty and in shape. Actually, Kelly has always been in shape; Amber lost a few pounds after her divorce. Both are on the taller side, with Kelly a couple inches taller than Amber. Amber is blondish; Kelly has dark hair. They get stares from guys wherever they go.

Kelly owns her house and rents part to Amber. Kelly will miss Amber, and she will miss the rent money. Having the house to herself will make life easier sometimes. Especially when she invites a guy over for a naughty evening.

Amber finding the guy of her dreams has made Kelly think back on her life. She has known quite a few guys, but none have been the type she wanted to marry. Other than her high school boyfriend, she has not met a guy that caused her feelings that were anything remotely like love. Kelly has enjoyed plenty of sex, but in the back of her mind, she wants to settle down and is only waiting for the right guy.

Kelly never went to college. She worked in a couple different jobs. She eventually got a clerical job at a real estate office. She worked her way up to become a real estate agent. Her knowledge of properties, great personality, and honest representation, has resulted in her becoming one of the best agents in the brokerage. At 36-years old, Kelly has matured into an attractive, confident, and nice woman.

Kelly has a couple other girlfriends. None is as close a friend as Amber. Wendy is the next closest, but their friendship is mostly based on sex...either together or with guys they pick up. Kelly wants to develop closer relationships and friendships with females as well as males.

Even though Kelly wants to meet the right guy and settle down that does not stop her from finding guys for fun. Lying in bed one evening Kelly thinks about clever and sometimes devious plans to pick up guys. She has no problems finding guys in general, but ones you would take home to meet your mother are rare. If she goes to a bar, many single guys in the place want to take her home...that is too easy. She finds it more challenging to pick up a guy when he least expects it. It is more interesting for her and more of a turn on for her pussy. She thinks of more than one idea that might work. She runs the details through her brain. Kelly nicknames her plans to seduce guys as, the pecker plans.

She could be shopping in a supermarket, asking a guy about wine or something. Maybe in a hardware store and ask a guy's advice on some part or tool. Another idea she had, was to try on shoes with a short skirt and no panties. She loves shoes and often hits her favorite shoe stores to try on a few pair. There is no way the guy measuring her feet or slipping the shoe on could not notice her pussy peeking out at him. She thought the shoe store plan was the naughtiest and easiest to set up.

Kelly works on the shoe store idea in her head. In her plan, she showers, and when her pussy is dry, she uses a little talcum powder on it. She heard erotic dancers use the powder to keep their pussy lips

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