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Planet Maya - Book One von Daeges, Joseph (eBook)

  • Verlag: First Edition Design Publishing
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Planet Maya - Book One

Planet Maya is a trilogy. It is a book about a haunted, cursed mansion. The mansion found many new owners at a bargain price. Every owner that purchased the said mansion did not have the courage to stay and confront the evil curse and strange things happening. Until Paul's family decided to resolve the mysteries. This story comes with three different stages in three different books until the whole story is revealed. US Review - 'Every family packed up and left the mansion without giving anyone any addresses or telephone numbers.' Mark Twain stated that courage is not the absence of fear, but the resistance and mastery of it, a trait which Planet Maya's main character, Paul, exemplifies. Paul works hard to provide for his family and to be a loving father and husband. When he finally gets the house of his dreams-a mansion on a lovely expanse of land-he doesn't question oddities, like how the former owners left unexpectedly (leaving their possessions and old food behind) or a black bird that haunts the barn and repeatedly attacks his son, Angelo, whenever he ventures outside. The whole family is on edge from all the peculiar happenings centered around the house, until one day Angelo goes missing without a trace. Paul suspects that the black bird has something to do with it. He takes matters into his own hands and hunts the perpetrator responsible for his son's disappearance as well as the family's misfortunes. Haunted stories have always interested me, and when the Harry Potter books came out, I was inspired to write as well a fiction story about my interest. I realized that Harry Potter had its own cliché, so I wanted to have my own unique-style story innovation. This book is different from Harry Potter. Like any adventure and fiction books, it has its own trait and personality.


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