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River James and Saturday von Merrell-Savage, Lela (eBook)

  • Verlag: BookBaby
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River James and Saturday

A sweeping historical epic of love, mystery and murder stretching from the late eighteenth century into the mid-twentieth century and set against the picturesque backdrops of the Missouri Ozarks, San Francisco and Napa Valley.


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    ISBN: 9781543912814
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River James and Saturday

THE RESCUE Dawn came with a soft light, as River and George talked about their departure. Just as they finished packing their small amount of gear, they heard the sound of rapid hoof beats coming toward them around an outcropping of rock. Both men reacted together, each taking a side of the narrow entrance to their camp. A dark horse suddenly appeared, with a small figure clinging to the saddle, then it sprang into the opening. Without hesitation, both men grabbed the horse and rider drawing them further into the three-sided enclosure. Quickly covering the horse's nostrils and putting his hands on its bridle, River managed to bring the plunging horse to a halt. Wrapping strong arms around the rider, he threw a saddle blanket over the struggling form and dragged it to the ground. The horse jerked back, turned tail, and plunged back the way it had come. Both men held the captive down. Suddenly the writhing stopped. They looked into each other's eyes with surprise and bewilderment. Slowly, they both peeled back a portion of the blanket to encounter smoldering brown-black eyes under a wild mane of black hair. Without a moment's hesitation, the sharp white teeth of the captive clamped down on River's right hand. With a yelp of pain, he jerked back, but not before those same teeth found his other hand. River yelled with anguish as the skin broke and blood spurted from the wound. "Damn! What the hell?" By this time, George managed to seize the wiggling body, flip it over and place one strong knee on its back side. "No...No...por favor," it screamed. This was followed by a mixture of Spanish and guttural language spat out of the grimacing, snarling mouth. They were both so surprised that they let loose of the downed figure and stumbled back a couple of feet. Lifting the tangle of black hair from its face, it glared back at both of them before turning and springing lithely upright. Gripped in each small hand was a sharp knife apparently hidden in the captive's boots! Body crouching, the leather clad figure moved its hands in small circles, then backed up against the mountain wall. "Well, I'll be damned!" yelled River. "A female. What the hell are you doing here?" As the two men backed away, they exchanged a quick look of dismay. Warily, they eyed the glinting steel of the circling knives. In English and halting Spanish, they asked who she was and what she was doing here? She angrily shook her head, swishing the long streaming locks. "No, comprendo!" she slowly murmured with narrowed eyes locked on both men. Next, George tried a mixture of Indian dialect along with what little Spanish he knew. The girl stood stock still and then reacted in a way that both men later attributed to shock. She swayed and collapsed into a little heap right at their feet. "My God!" they both exclaimed in unison. Just as they both knelt beside her, they heard the beat of several horses pounding toward them just a few hundred yards away. Snatching up their weapons, they turned as a team and dived on each side of the opening as a swirl of horseflesh and flashing silver saddles emerged before them. Above the jangling of harness and spurs, a blood-curdling scream split the air as a small dark-faced man, apparently, the leader of the pack raised his firearm and started firing. Without hesitation, the two friends returned fire as a hail of bullets ricocheted off the sides of the enclosure. The sudden attack completely surprised and unmanned the surging group. They wheeled their small Spanish horses and fled with backward glances of outrage and contempt. "We better move before they come back!" yelled George. River complied by slinging his gear onto his left shoulder,

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