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Sarah the Soceress Queen First book in the Cottonwood Series von Harper, Linda (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 29.02.2012
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Sarah the Soceress Queen

Sarah Colter heads home to Cottonwood, to settle the estate of her parents who were killed in a head on collision several months ago. An old college friend, Sam Jordane is from the firm her parents used to take care of their wills years ago. Sam reads the will and gives Sarah a beautifully decorated wooden box and key. He explains how wealthy she is now. Her Aunt and Cousin also inherited sizable amounts. Sarah told Sam of her napping and waking with a portion of her clothing torn off, and some of her packing boxes were scratched and torn. Sarah opened the wooden box for him and asked him to look at it's contents, which included very valuable jewelry and a stack of letters. He read one in particular that he said his parents needed to see immediately. Sam and Sarah drove to his parents home in the Cottonwood hills. They read several of the letters and were astounded to learn that Sarah's Dad was not her Father. That her Father's parents live in Italy. The reason Sam wanted them to see the letter was that they were close friends of Sam's parents and had lost track of them. Sam's mother Karen asked if she could talk to Sarah downstairs in her lab? They went downstairs and Karen told her she sensed that Sarah had some special gifts and she wanted to evaluate her. After they were finished, they returned to Sam and Marcus; Sam's Dad. Karen told them that Sarah had her Father's blood and she had many gifts that were just starting to surface. Marcus then told Sarah Why Cottonwood was such a special place; since everyone that lived there had a gift. Karen's give was that of sight, healing and mind control. Marcus was a shape-shifter. Sam's gifts hadn't surfaced yet, but he was close. The young lady that thought Sam was her's started to cause problems for him. Sam told Sarah that Alexa had many problems and if she didn't stop, he would have his Father talk to her Father. Well, Alexa caused a lot of problems for everyone. She killed her Mother. She was placed into a large safe room where she could be monitored and a Dr. Pierre was called in. Come and visit Cottonwood, They'll make you feel right at home...


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 29.02.2012
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Sarah the Soceress Queen


Sarah sat on the sofa looking at the mountain of packing boxes in her small living room. She was exhausted from a week spent clearing out her office at the brokerage firm and packing her entire house. Not to mention saying her good-byes to all her friends and answering their questions about why she was leaving.

As she lay there, her thoughts kept going back to her childhood. Her Father was a loving man and both her parents had a loving relationship, her Mother fed her and changed her diapers and that was it. She and her Mother never bonded and it has haunted Sarah. She shook off those memories and dozed for a while.

She felt very strange, as if she were being pulled out of her body. She then had what must have been a migraine headache. She then slept for several hours. When she awoke, she couldn't believe her eyes, the drapes were shredded. It looked like an animal got in the house and attacked the drapes and some of the boxes.

She got up and ran into the kitchen to see if the back door was open. It was securely locked as the front door and all the windows.

This had never happened before. She had no one to talk to about this. She was terrified that this animal was somewhere in the house. She would spend the night at a motel down the street.

She gathered a few things and noticed her sweater was torn, so was her pants. The only solution was that the animal must have torn them while she was in the deep sleep.

She got to the Lacy Motel and settled in for the night.

She had to be at the house at 7am sharp. Maybe the moving men would find this stray cat.

7:00 am. Couldn't come soon enough for Sarah, she now felt she had to leave this area as soon as she could.

I think I'm cracking up, Sarah told to herself.

The truck was full and they had just pulled out of the driveway heading for Sarah's new home. It was only 60 miles, and in an hour she would be home. Her home was in a rural area about 40 miles north of a little town of Cottonwood. It was a fairly large township since everyone there had acreage of at least 20 to 100 acres and some had thousands of forested acres. Her home sat on 50 acres. 10 acres of flat ground with the House and other buildings on it, then another 40 acres up on the hill filled with pine and cedar trees. What a great place to grown up in. She had to smile as she thought of some of her adventures up on the hill.

She backed out of the drive way of her rented house and headed for home. It was a beautiful sunny day in November. As she drove, she started thinking about what she would do when she got home. Mom and Dad's things were just as they left them the day they went to lunch and never came home. Jeannine was Mom's only sister and Sarah had called her Aunt Jeannine since early childhood. She took care of many things that Sarah just couldn't deal with.

Like the finances. It was strange, since Sarah is a Financial Broker. It was just too close. Her parents managed their finances well and that meant that Sarah would be very comfortable. She could work from home if she wanted to and really get the house the way she wanted.

She missed her Dad so much, but she felt no loss for her Mother. That was the number one thing she would discuss with Aunt Jeannine.

As Sarah pulled up to the house, the moving men were carrying in the last of the boxes. Aunt Jeannine had met them and let them in. She got out and stood there looking at her new home. It was a beautiful home.

Aunt Jeannine saw her and put her arm around Sarah's shoulders. Sarah stood there for a moment, then it hit.

Where was he? The one that always met her at the door and wrapped those big arms around her and held her till they both started laughing. How could she do this? She crumbled to the floor sobbing. Jeannine knew that she should just let h

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