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Sword of the Gods III: Agents of Ki von Erishkigal, Anna (eBook)

  • Verlag: Seraphim Press
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Sword of the Gods III: Agents of Ki

At the dawn of time, two ancient adversaries battled for control of Earth. One man rose to stand at humanity's side. A soldier whose name we still remember today... Cut down by an act of betrayal, Mikhail lingers between life and death while his fragile alliance crumbles against the onslaught of a Sata'anic invasion. Fearful the intrepid Angelic might lose hope and die, his young protégé concocts a plan to fool him into thinking his wife is at his side. Meanwhile, held captive by the Evil One, Ninsianna must choose between loyalty to her fallen husband and manipulating the Evil One's minions to turn against him. As darkness tears the heavens asunder, a tiny Mesopotamian village finds itself the epicenter of a war between good and evil. But all is not lost. An ancient goddess has recruited two 'Watchmen' to turn darkness back into the light; mortal creatures who do not realize they are pawns in an eternal war. The saga of the greatest superhero to ever walk the Earth continues in Agents of Ki... This book is NOT religious fiction! Sword of the Gods saga reading order: The Chosen One Omnibus (includes:) -Heroes of Old: Episode 1x01 -Sword of the Gods -No Place for Fallen Angels -Forbidden Fruit Prince of Tyre Agents of Ki The Dark Lord's Vessel The Fairy General (coming soon) . Children of the Fallen series (set in the same universe, but in the modern day) Angel of Death Omnibus (includes) -Angel of Death -Angel of Death: A Love Story A Gothic Christmas Angel (A Children of the Fallen novella)


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Sword of the Gods III: Agents of Ki

The Chess Pieces (Cast of Characters)

Abaddon - Supreme Commander-General Abaddon is the commander in chief of first the Angelic Air Force, and since Lucifer's rebellion all four branches of the Alliance fleet. He serves upon the command carrier Jehoshaphat, whose name means ' Judgment of God. ' Shay'tan, himself nicknamed Abaddon ' The Destroyer' . He is married to the human female Sarvenaz and has a daughter on the way.

Aigiarn - is the deceased human wife of Centauri General Kunopegos. She died when their foal proved to be too much for her tiny human body to carry. When given the choice to abort the foal or risk death, Aigiarn chose to risk continuing the pregnancy.

Alalah - is an older woman who is one of Mikhail's archers. She is one of two older women who is often put in charge of training the other villagers to use a bow.

Apausha - is a Lieutenant in the Sata'an Merchant Marine (a thinly veiled title for what would otherwise be considered state-sponsored smugglers). Apausha became increasingly concerned about the well-being of the human females transported to Lucifer and tried to report it to Shay'tan. He was captured, tortured, and forced to give the location of Earth to Lucifer.

Asherah - Asherah died when her son Lucifer was only 15 years old. She was the daughter of a now-deceased Seraphim princess who married a 'shipboard' Angelic, Zuriel under a hint of scandal which has never been fully revealed. As a half-Seraphim, she was exempt from the Emperor's 'breeding program.' She married the Eternal Emperor's nemesis, Shemijaza, but then fled the Third Empire and sought sanctuary in the Eternal Palace for reasons which have yet to be revealed.

Aturdokht - Aturdokht is the green-eyed fiery young widow of the neighboring 'people of the desert' (i.e., Halifian) tribe. She is one of Shaykh Marwan's daughters. When her deceased husband's tribe disgraced her by first sending her back to her father's tent-group, and then attempting to force her back again for a Levirite marriage, she refused and declared she would marry whichever man could avenge her husband by bringing her 'the winged demon's heart.' Jamin has sworn he will bring her this and marry her. When Jamin's last attempt to kill Mikhail failed, she sold him into slavery rather than let her former father-in-law kill him. Her full-brother is Nusrat and her slain husband was named Roshan.

Babajidas - is a captured human male who now resides on the Leonid battle-cruiser Beylan . He is father of numerous Leonid cubs, but favors Major Orias's daughter, Habibas.

Ba'al Zebub - 'Lord' Zebub is the Sata'anic political equivalent of the Alliance Prime Minister. He was one of Shay'tan's most trusted public servants until the old dragon found out Ba'al Zebub went behind his back and brokered the sale of hundreds of human females to Lucifer. He is currently wanted for treason.

Behnam - Behnam is an elderly man of Assur and also one of the members of the Tribunal. He is one of Mikhail's eight original archers and, despite his age, is a damned good shot. Mikhail often uses him as a sounding board for advice.

Bishamonten - Bishamonten is the Cherubim god of war. When invoked, he allows his novitiates access to a certain wavelength of the Song of Creation which most people perceive as 'the blue ray of truth' or 'the killing dance.' Anybody who misuses his energy is promptly smote.

Dadbeh - is a warrior of Assur and one of Jamin's elite warriors. He has a small, wiry build and has mismatched eyes. He is a bit of a prankster and often pairs up with Firouz to act out hilarious little skits. He is in love with Shahla and hoped to marry her.

Dephar - is the Eternal Emperor's most trusted political advisor and also his chief geneticist. He is a Muqqibat 'dragon'

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