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The Capture of Archer Cordell von Wilde, Robin (eBook)

  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The Capture of Archer Cordell

Femdom Erotica. In the 21st century, slavery, both voluntary and involuntary, has become legal. Needing money, sexy Sabrina Swann sells herself into indentured sexual servitude and is purchased by a millionaire, jetsetting businessman Archer Cordell, who dominates her ruthlessly. Countess Esmerelda is a Female Dominant who is equally ruthless in business. Now she plans to take control of Archer. During a business trip to her estate, Archer and Sabrina are drugged and become trapped in the Countess' cunning web. Taken to her elaborate dungeon, the helpless Archer submits to bondage, sex machines and brutal tickling, facing submissive desires he never knew he had. Sabrina, meanwhile, must act in order to save her bossowner from the powerful Countess. Can she save him in time, and if so, what happens to Sabrina's relationship with Archer. Who's on top? And who submits?


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    ISBN: 9781945648410
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The Capture of Archer Cordell

Chapter One

"The most important thing in a relationship between a man and a woman is that one of them be good at taking orders."

- Linda Festa


Like a lot of young girls, Sabrina Swann had fantasies about slavery...being a slave was a sexy thought, a cute fantasy, but never something a nice girl would dream of. Owning a slave, or using a slave, either male or female, was a shuddery, kinky kind of thought, best reserved for private dreams.

Sexual slavery was for pay-per-view movies or late-night cable, a quick furtive peek at a sexy world where good girls (and not-so-good boys) found themselves trapped and used, always finding true love at the end.

Slavery -real slavery -was for criminals who deserved the shame and humiliation, or for sluts and would-be gigolos looking for a fast dollar. While her life had not been one of high privilege, it had been a comfortable one in the upper levels of the middle class, public school but a good one in a good suburban neighborhood, private college assured, good social connections and a strong future. She was smart, she was capable, she was attractive, she was class-appropriate. Sabrina Swann was a good girl.

She lost her virginity to a college boy on a skiing trip and then fell in love with another college boy -the son of a Senator, handsome and rich with a hot car and great prospects. He couldn't keep his hands off her and she delighted in the feelings those hands awoke, and grew to love the feel of his pulsing cock under her hand and sliding between her legs and into her, and the feel of his mouth on her mouth and her pussy, and even the feel of her mouth on his cock. The back seat of his car and sometimes their respective parents' house when they were away and sometimes a friend's apartment or a dorm room and once even a hotel room were places of passion and growing love. But even better was being on his strong arm in public, at the right parties and events. She had a clear picture of their future together, and it was good. She graduated from high school and entered college and had a 4.0 going into her junior year, majoring in business and finance.

College provided a world of new temptations and she sampled some of them, privately, somewhat gingerly, finding the emotions and passions they unleashed to be somewhat overpowering. She pledged a good sorority, and her initiation was to be a party slave. They dressed her in scanty clothes and she served cocktails at a party. The guys felt her up and teased her and it was embarrassing and humiliating for her, though she played along like a good sport. But what was most humiliating was the powerful erotic charge she got when her sorority sisters cuffed her ankles and her wrists, and she really felt like a slave.

Then came the paddling line and she had never been spanked before, and the paddle-wielding sorority sisters were strong and cruel and she found herself reduced quickly to tears, but at the same time she felt wet, humiliatingly so because she had never had a sexual attraction to women and now she was so aroused she was nearly ready to do anything.

They blindfolded her and tied her hands together over her head and slipped the rope over a hook in the ceiling, then when she felt utterly helpless and vulnerable someone dropped an ice cube down the back of her short dress and the sensation was so surprising and so maddening that she screamed and wriggled trying to shake the ice cube out. When she heard male laughter she realized there was a voyeur audience watching her, and with another ice cube she found herself putting on a stripper's dance for an unknown audience. Her nipples were so stiff they hurt; her thighs clenched together and sent pulses of pleasure through her pussy -with a shock, she realized she was secretly masturbating in front of an audience! And all the helplessness and all the teasing an

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