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The Fiery Angel von Bryusov, Valeriy (eBook)

  • Verlag: Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing
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The Fiery Angel

In the books of the unique series by the publishing house named after Strelbitsky 'ussian Historic Novel' the pages of history come alive, starting with the Ancient times and till nowadays. 'The Fiery Angel' - is the first novel by Russian poet, prose writer, playwright and critic V. Y. Bryusov (1873 - 1924). The setting of the novel takes place in Rhineland in the Xvi century. The lance-knight Ruprecht meets a beautiful lady Renata, who is possessed by the evil spirit. Renata tells him the story of her life. Some time ago she used to live in the castle of count Heinrich von Otterheim, whom she considered to be the embodiment of the 'Fiery Angel', which appeared to her in her childhood. Since that time the demoniac Renata is in search of Heinrich, who abandoned her.


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