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The Penitent Marriage von Arnold, Charles (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 03.05.2006
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The Penitent

"Although she often felt that either anger or fear was about to overwhelm her, there was always this other thing...this sinking sensation in her stomach, this electric flow to her crotch, this insatiable sexual hunger that both shamed and excited her." After her training at the Facility, the young beautiful Kathy Ryan prepares to become Mr. Satomi's concubine. But unexpectedly, Satomi gives her to the hated Abul for two weeks, and she returns to her home in Pittsburgh, where she must serve this beastly master. Kathy is devastated, and with the unexpected help of the bodyguard Uzzeta, she attempts to defy Abul and kick him out. But the plot to overthrow Abul fails and her planned escape is foiled. As punishment, she must slavishly submit to the very people who poisoned her beloved husband the event that triggered Kathy's odyssey. She must endure their endless taunting. She faces Dr. Gruber, who concocted the lethal potion, and his repulsive son, Frederick, who present Kathy with a horrific choice submit to their plan to train her as a canine bitch for their dog, Negra, or seduce and marry Abul, who hates her as much as she hates him. She's ruthlessly taunted in every situation by vile men who delight in torturing the proud Mrs. Ryan. Her choices are further limited, knowing that the fate of her innocent sisterinlaw Margaret, now Satomi's captive, hinges on her. As sickening as it will be, Kathy defies Dr. Gruber and chooses Abdul. Kathy returns home to face more abuse, but as plans for the marriage proceed, so does a plot to eliminate the loathsome Abdul. Does the irrepressible Kathy triumph? And if so, will she still be subject to Satomi's plans to conquer her unflinching spirit? In this shocking, often disturbing story, Arnold aggressively details the humiliation Kathy must submit to. Obviously, not for the timid reader; although fans of Charles Arnold are certain to find this latest installment in Kathy's tale one to savor.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 03.05.2006
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    ISBN: 9781938897382
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The Penitent

Chapter One - Abul's Woman

After the trial, Mr. Satomi believed Abul succeeded in crushing Kathy's spirit. He was confident that the training had transformed her into a complete submissive. He had determined that Kathy's performance proved conclusively that she'd become Abul's obedient whore. Although Mr. Satomi almost never made a mistake, his assessment in this instance was absolutely wrong. If anything, Kathy's abuse at Abul's hands had strengthened her spirit. Her training had intensified her hatred of Abul. It boiled inside her as a constant but controlled rage. She swore that if the opportunity ever arose in the future, she would kill him. The thought that he would now be in charge of training her virginal sister-in-law filled her with fear and guilt. However, the alternative would have resulted in Mary Margaret's death. Of that, she was certain.

The day after her trial, before what she thought would be her flight to Japan, Kathy was summoned to Madam Khe for a final meeting. As they had been doing for the past six weeks, Miko and Mi Jong bathed and dressed Kathy for her journey. She was given the ritual enema, a hot bath, and a thorough massage, which served to relax and heal her bruised body. They rubbed her with the familiar perfumed oil. Miko supervised the meticulous make-up. Mi Jong styled Kathy's short black hair and painted her nails. After removing the brushes, they secured the hated clitoral cap. "Only your Master has the remote that will release it," Miko reminded her. She held up the small circular brushes, "No more brushes, ever."

Kathy's wardrobe had been chosen by Madam Khe: a white pleated silk skirt, a dark blue shear blouse, matching blue four inch heels, and the string of pearls she'd worn during the trial. Of course, she was bare under her skirt and blouse. Nervously, she entered Madam Khe's office. The Chinese woman was seated behind her ebony desk, conservatively dressed in a grey business suit.

On the night before, Kathy, after the emotional and physical abuse of the trial, had not been able to sleep without the strong sedative Miko mixed with her tea. She then slept soundly for ten hours, awakening reluctantly to the realization that she'd been responsible for Mary Margaret's imprisonment here at the faculty. Imagining what the future held for Mary Margaret, she began to cry.

"No time for that," Miko said sternly. "Must prepare for trip. Must see Madam Khe first. Nothing you can do for sister-in-law." Miko had pulled Kathy up into a sitting position, "Nothing," she repeated.

Those were the first words Madam Khe spoke to her after directing Kathy to sit in the chair facing the huge desk. "There is nothing you can do to help Mary Margaret. However, you should be fully aware that from now on anything but complete and immediate obedience from you will be reported here and make the girl's training much more painful than it otherwise might be."

"Yes, I know," Kathy said. "I feel so guilty. If it weren't for me poor Mary Margaret would not..."

Madam Khe held up her hand, "It was beyond your control. Everything that has occurred has been carefully orchestrated. With or without you, your sister-in-law would be exactly where she is."

"I...I...don't understand. After six weeks of horrible training, Mary Margaret will become the wife of Abul. He will own her. If I hadn't signed that contract, she would still be in London at the University."

"Before last night, when did you last see your sister-in-law?" Madam Khe leaned back with a bemused smile.

"Two years ago. She was seventeen. Jeff and I took her to the airport for her flight to London."

"I will tell you a few things that you don't know," Madam Khe began. "After three months, Mary Margaret dro

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