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The Penitent Inner Circle von Arnold, Charles (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.04.2007
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The Penitent

Kathy Ryan learns that the gross and ugly Simon Ruben has purchased six months of her contract from the mysterious Mr. Satomi. Just when Kathy thought she was free of the villains who have so cruelly used her, she must now serve a man she has every reason to despise. When her husband Jeff was still alive, Simon attempted to ruin his reputation with scandalous lies. Kathy and Jeff fought back and had the man banned from the country club for his lecherous and immoral behavior. But now the tables are turned and Simon wants revenge, as well as the luscious Mrs. Ryan. The stunned Kathy is powerless to resist these new demands; she knows that Satomi still holds her sisterinlaw MaryMargaret, and the woman's fate hinges on her compliance. She's forced to tell damming lies about her husband, and humiliate herself in front of her country club friends by lavishing her affection on a man everyone detests. But what shocks Kathy even more is an absurd but powerful attraction to Simon that has her willingly submitting to his crude sexual demands. That is...until Simon breaks Satomi's rules for Kathy's contract. While Kathy thinks she's now free from men like Simon, she finds herself inexplicably haunted by powerful dreams and a mystical melody that draws her back to the peculiar Dr. Gruber and his son Frederick. She willingly seeks him out, realizing only later that the Doctor has tricked her with drugs and hypnosis. He intends to make Kathy part of his Inner Circle, an organization of men who train women through coercion, bribes and other extreme measures to serve their canine pets. Is Kathy strong enough to thwart the powerful tools Gruber uses to enslave her to his dog Negra and the Inner Circle? Will her fierce resolve triumph? Or will her insatiable needs find her groveling at the feet of her masters, a slave to her own lust? Readers of Romantic erotica will want to pass on this one. Note: While no bestiality is depicted, the canine fantasy is a major part of the story, in the conversations and threats used to win Kathy's submission.


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    Seitenzahl: 128
    Erscheinungsdatum: 26.04.2007
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781938897467
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The Penitent

Chapter One

Two days after hearing of Abul's death, Kathy was summoned to an appointment with Madam Khe who had taken up temporary residence in a suite of rooms at the Pittsburgh Marriot Hotel. Kathy was certain she would, at last, be sent to Mr. Satomi. It came as a shock when she realized that she still had a full year to serve under her contract to him. The six weeks in the training facility did not count toward the year of unconditional service the contract required. In addition, her beloved sister-in-law was still a prisoner in the horrible Facility and Kathy was to blame. She couldn't even remember why she'd signed Satomi's contract. But she was sure they would have forced her into servitude somehow even if she hadn't signed it. And to insure her obedience, they would also have taken Mary Margaret hostage. Unless, of course, it was Mary Margaret, Mr. Satomi wanted in the first place.

When she knocked on the door of the hotel suite, Mi Jong, Madam Khe's servant, answered. "Madam Khe see you soon. You naked under dress?"

Kathy felt herself blushing, "Yes, I assumed...."

Mi Jong crossed the room and, standing before Kathy, said, "Spread legs." Kathy slid one foot to the side as Mi Jong reached up under Kathy's skirt. She clicked the remote that Kathy hadn't noticed. The cap that covered Kathy's clitoris dropped into Mi Jong's hand.

"You mean I don't have to wear that hateful thing anymore?" Kathy asked in amazement.

Carefully MI Jong removed the brushes. "You wear. But no brushes," Mi Jong said. She replaced the cap over Kathy's clitoris and pressed the remote again. The cap made a slight click as it locked against the plate that circled Kathy's clitoris and had been permanently fixed to her skin.

"Mi Jong, please, I need them," Kathy pleaded. "I need the brushes."

"No brushes. No orgasm." She left Kathy in the middle of the ornate sitting room.

After a few moments, the bedroom door opened and Madam Khe, dressed in an electric blue chignon, entered. Kathy was once more astonished at the older woman's beauty. She was in her mid-sixties but her skin was like polished porcelain. Her jet-black hair hung to her shoulders. She moved quickly and gracefully, her body trim, her eyes bright and knowing. She gestured toward an overstuffed chair and took one facing it. They sat across from one another in silence for several moments. Madam Khe sighed, "You are to be congratulated for your part in ridding the earth of that cowardly Neanderthal, Abul. He was a major thorn in both our sides."

Kathy thought about the men whose deaths were somehow related to her: Abul certainly, and indirectly the young man who had come to rescue her from the Facility, and poor Uzetta and Richie. Although, she would have died to save her husband, Jeff, she couldn't forget that in some way she was responsible for his death as well as the others. Kathy nodded and forced a tight smile, "Yes, the world is a better place without Abul in it."

Madam Khe nodded, "I've asked you to come here because I have new instructions for you from Mr. Satomi."

Kathy permitted herself a smile. 'At last,' she thought, 'my training is complete, Abul is dead, and Mr. Satomi is going to send for me.'

"It's not what you expect," Madam Khe said. "First I want you to answer some questions. I want you to tell the truth and make your answers complete, the whole story. Do you understand?"

Kathy looked puzzled but knew better than to object, "Yes, I understand." Kathy couldn't imagine what she wanted to know. She knew Madam Khe was familiar with the files Satomi had been compiling about her for the past ten years or longer. Her whole history was in them. What mor

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