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The Warden's Woman von Arnold, Charles (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 17.08.2009
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The Warden's Woman

Mary's happy life is turned on end when her husband Joseph is caught embezzling $250,000 from the bank where he works. Although his brother, the powerful Judge Abadon, could easily 'pull a few strings', Joseph is sentenced to 20 years at Stormville prison, where the huge, gruff black man, Lucifer Pigeon, is now the Warden. While the judge graciously takes care of Mary's financial needs, what she doesn't realize is that her husband was framed, part of Judge Abadon's elaborate scheme for Mary and her two daughters, Angel and Faith. He'll give the beautiful Mary to the warden, take Angel as his wife, and handover Faith to his repulsive teenage son. Before her first visit with Joseph, Mary meets Warden Pigeon in his office. One look at her prim attire and he sends her home. If she wants to see her husband, she'll dress 'right'; in a sheer blouse, short tight skirt and fuckme shoes. Though the devoutly religious Mary instantly objects, within days she caves to the warden's demands. However, Lucifer's demands don't end there. Before she sees Joseph, she'll show the warden her wet pussy; kiss his cock; and clean his house, controlled by his bitchy 18 year old daughter Shauna, who will turn the older woman into a personal sex toy for herself and her teenage friends. The depth of Mary's depravity is soon revealed. However, as much as she's shamed and humiliated, she cannot deny the sexual lust that begins to bloom. She's wet, aroused and suddenly able to climax, when she never could before. However, as Mary's eyes open on a new world of sex and lust, her daughters face the grim reality of the Judge's plans for their future. To save themselves, they concoct a risky scheme to end the judge's fierce hold on their lives. Charles Arnold returns with a new novel in the tradition of his bestselling The Sweet Wife and The Penitent . Note: all characters in this novel are 18 years or older.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 17.08.2009
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    ISBN: 9781936173518
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The Warden's Woman

Chapter One

The Farm

Stormville is a small town in the northeastern part of New York. It's notable as the county seat and for the Stormville State Penitentiary as well as the Stormville Airport, which is home to a highly regarded skydiving facility. In the outlying areas is a scattering of small dairy farms. It is on one of these farms this account begins. The farm is owned by the town's judge, Hugo Abadon. The judge is a big man in his late forties. Like many judges, he is an elitist, commanding, arrogant, and has convinced himself that he not only stands above the law, but that he is the law. He is also vindictive and without a shred of conscience. However, he can appear to be jovial and charming. His friends have much the same qualities. Birds of a feather.

However, the judge is rather unique. He is powerful enough to control or at least intimidate most of the state's politicians, other judges, district attorneys, police chiefs, police, and other functionaries. Part of his power derives from his enormous wealth and it is rumored to be at least one hundred and twenty million. Of course the money didn't come from an inheritance or from his judgeship or from bribes and paybacks. It came, oddly enough, from China. More exactly from a well hidden and long lasting arrangement with the largest drug cartel in China.

After he'd graduated from law school, Hugo Abadon spent three interesting years in Shanghai. As the center of commerce it is also the port from which the world's most lucrative drug trade makes its way around the world. During his stay there, the judge became friends and partners with a young man not much older than himself, a Mr. Jin. They became partners in a very successful drug distributing operation and in the United States, the drug trade flourished as did Judge Abadon. Although the townsfolk of Stormville knew he had wealth producing connections in China no one suspected what they were.

The occasion on this Sunday is a family picnic. The chief guests are the judge's brother, Joseph, and his family: wife Mary, daughters Angel and Faith. Joining the happy gathering are the town banker, Edward Grimes, and the senior town doctor, Ralph Conway. The judge's wife died two years ago so to prepare and serve the food and drink, the judge has hired his bodyguard/driver, Lucifer Pigeon-an ex-con, a huge scowling black man. He has no wife but does have a daughter, Shauna, the same age as Faith.

As they got out of the car before the rambling farmhouse, Angel and Faith exchanged apprehensive glances. Standing on the porch was Eric, the judge's son. At this time Eric was fifteen, Angel thirteen, and Faith twelve.

Eric attended a private school so the girls saw him only on infrequent occasions like this. "He's ugly," Faith whispered to her sister. "He's also a bully. I hate him."

Angel half agreed, but it was not in her heart to hate anyone. "We need to remember he lost his mother just two years ago," she said.

Faith crinkled up her nose, "I hate how he smells and those big red pimples and filthy hands" She poked her sister in the ribs and smiled, "Did you ever seen anyone so skinny and with a skeleton head?"

The family had come directly from Sunday Mass and both girls were attired alike-white dresses, blue hair ribbons, stockings, and ballet slippers. Mary, their mother, looked much the same; a long pale blue full skirt, a starched white blouse, pantyhose, and white low heeled "sensible" shoes.

Eric stared down at the girls as they approached the steps. His hand went to his crotch and he squeezed his stiffening cock. They didn't notice. The judge was smiling and holding his arms wide. He hugged Mary first, then Faith who squirmed out of his embrace as quickly as she could. He pulled Angel closer to him and held her longer than the others, "My goodness, Angel, you are getting to be a big girl and as pretty as your beautiful mother!" he exclaimed

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