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Wendy's Story von Smith, J. A. (eBook)

  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Wendy's Story

Wendy is a pretty, twenty-something with an eye-catching figure. Her Air Force dad has raised her to be tough and take care of herself. She dabbles in naughty sexual adventures and is more than excited when her bisexual girlfriend, Debbie, seduces her, teaching her about sex toys and how to pleasure a woman. While she may be addicted to cock, now she's addicted to pussy, too! When she meets Scott at her favorite western bar, she thinks he could be more than just a Friday night fuck. The two date for the next three years, but not exclusively. He takes her to a nudist resort, where Wendy sees more cock in thirty-seconds than she had seen in the previous twenty-six years. While Scott becomes her beer-drinking, cowboy buddy, Wendy is still unsure if her feelings for him are really love. Then, just as their relationship starts to heat up, she meets John, a handsome, dignified, champagne drinking, professional. She's immediately smitten, and her love life more complicated! It'll take a show down between her two lovers at the Wrangler Bar for Wendy to decide which man she truly loves.


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    ISBN: 9781945648861
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Wendy's Story

Wendy's Story

by J. A. Smith

ISBN: 978-1-945648-86-1

A Pink Flamingo Media Ebook

Copyright ©2018 J.A. Smith

With the exception of quotes used in reviews, no part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, by any means, including mechanical, electronic, photocopying recording or otherwise without prior written permission of the publishers.

For information contact:

Pink Flamingo Media


P.O. Box 632 Richland, MI


These friends are the inspiration to write this book. They provided the character ideas to make this book realistic. Their help is greatly appreciated. This book is dedicated to them.

Billy, Darlene, Donna, Emma, Michelle, Nancy, Pixie, Rick, and Sue


Nice Girls Being Naughty Stories

This story is fiction. Any similarity to persons or places is purely possible. Even though this is entirely fiction, the characters are loosely based on real people. This basis is only skin-deep. The wild goings on in this book is pure fiction and not based on the real characters in any way.

Places are depicted close to reality. Cities, businesses, bars, and restaurants are, many times, actual places. Bars and restaurants have all been given fictional names. In some cases features of two or more establishments have been combined into a single bar or restaurant. A few times an actual restaurant is depicted in a different city than it is in real life.

This is all done, not to confuse the reader, but to enhance the story by keeping it real...real fiction.Chapter One


Wendy Beanblossom watches from the front window of her house as her best friend, Kelly, walks to her car. Kelly is going to meet up with Dave, her boyfriend. Kelly finally realizes she loves him; she is on her way to tell him. Kelly came to Wendy for advice. As a good friend, Wendy got Kelly's brain straightened out about guys in general and Dave in particular.

Wendy only told her the obvious. "Dave loves you, and you love him. Now get your ass over to his place and seal the deal."

Everyone knew Dave was in love with Kelly, except Kelly of course. Wendy got that fixed. Wendy and Kelly have been close friends for more than four years. It started back when Wendy did nails at the local beauty shop. She and Kelly would chat about boyfriends and naughty adventures they had. It was not long before they became playmates, pleasuring each other with fingers, vibrators, and tongues. Together they enjoyed several sexy adventures seducing and sharing guys.

Wendy is a pretty, twenty-eight years old. Her nice figure and large titties catch the eye of guys often. She is on the shorter side at five-foot-four. She wears her hair short and often has a weird hair-do or a wild, colorful wig of some sorts. If that were not enough to get guy's attention, her smile would make a monk think about turning in his robe.

Wendy has always been able to take care of herself and is a confident female. She is smart and full of the family values instilled into her by her parents. Her dad was a career Air Force officer. He passed on his toughness and love of country to Wendy. With a last name of Beanblossom , she learned to put up with teasing at a young age. She actually did not put up with much teasing; she bonked the little brat who made fun of her in the first grade. His bloody nose discouraged any other dumb remarks from her classmates.

Wendy is still watching out the front wi

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