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God among Us Inside the Mind of the Divine Masters von Cory, Caroline (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.09.2014
  • Verlag: Omnium
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God among Us

GOD Among Us explains the process by which divine beings - those we call Sons of God or Ascended Masters - awaken to their divinity while in the flesh. Through her ability to tap into Source Energy, author Caroline Cory accesses the mind of these extraordinary beings and reveals, in intimate detail, their internal turmoil as they gradually remember their prenatal agreement and earthly mission. The author describes such topics as: -The process of discerning and mastering the divine mind. -The process of merging with the Divine Creator and the Spirit Family. -The Masters' mission and prenatal agreement -The universal organization and Earth's place within the cosmic order. -The structure of intelligent beings (visible and invisible) involved in the divine plan unfolding on the Earth now. GOD Among Us also offers practical tools that will empower you to master the human condition and realize your ultimate potential, mastery and divinity in physical form.


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God among Us


A Story Begins

What I am about to disclose in this chapter is the result of my blending with the minds of the Divine Masters that walked this earth. This merging happened spontaneously as I engaged in a simple meditation exercise. What ensued, however, were a series of extraordinary events that lasted over 14 months. These occurrences do not necessarily imply that all individuals merging with this higher consciousness or simply awakening to their divinity will encounter exactly similar circumstances. These accounts serve to show, not only what the Divine Masters undergo during their own awakening, but are also an example of a process that all humans must follow to achieve what we call "enlightenment". The particulars of the process itself, however, will differ from one individual to the next according to their own prenatal contract .

January 2000. This was the beginning of the strangest years of my life. While I consider myself sensitive and quite familiar with the spirit world, what happened to me during this period was beyond anything I could ever imagine or expect. Both worlds, the visible and invisible, had suddenly merged and made my existence utterly exquisite and insanely miserable all at once.

My story began on a hot and breezy day in Florida. I was sitting quietly on my porch, appreciating the silence and beauty of nature, when I noticed that the red ant stings I had gotten on the beach earlier that afternoon had swollen and formed a huge bulge on my right thigh. As I stared at it apprehensively, I suddenly heard a voice saying: "Ask the lump to disappear. Ask the swelling to stop and disappear." Without questioning the reason or origin of the voice, I asked the malicious bulge to go away. To my astonishment, it began to shrink, and within seconds, it had vanished completely before my eyes! I was terrified. I ran inside and hid in the bedroom trying to contain my emotions and pounding heart. What had I done, and how could that be? Is it possible to simply ask and make such things happen instantaneously? To say the least, I was baffled and disturbed but quickly managed to dismiss the incident as a ploy of my own mind and imagination.

The voice, however, returned the next day. As I felt the urge to indulge in a soft ice cream treat, the voice suddenly interjected: "Ask your ice cream to taste salty... Ask it to taste salty." Without hesitation, I asked and it did! Upon command, the ice cream tasted sour, then bitter. This time, I was less disturbed by my achievement, even though I was still puzzled by the mysterious voice and certainly, the meaning of these peculiar experiences.

Later on, I watched my friend lay in pain from a lower back injury, when the voice once more spoke: "Ask to relieve his pain. All you have to do is ask ." Curious about these odd happenings, I decided to attempt to help him somehow. I began placing my hand on his lower back area when he suddenly shrieked: "Stop!... You burned me!" His reaction startled me - to say the least - and as I stared incomprehensibly at the palm of my hand, I wondered: "How could I burn him when my hand is still 4 or 5 inches away from his body? What sort of energy could possibly emanate from my hand, penetrate his shirt and burn his skin?!"

I began a frantic search for the truth behind my little daily miracles. The more I searched, the more I realized that my "askings" or thoughts had created my experiences. I came to understand the dynamics of creating reality instantly using my own mind and not just my physical sensations but my outer reality as well - all of it. With time, and as these occurrences continued on a regular basis, I found that I was able to stop unbearable physical pain and alter negative emotions, such as anger or fear of any intensity, practically on the spot. All I had to do w

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