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Just Listen To Your Body And Eat Stop Trying To Control Your Weight von Bourbeau, Lise (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.06.2012
  • Verlag: Editions E. T. C.
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Just Listen To Your Body And Eat

The goals of this book are to... ... help you discover that there are six reasons besides hunger that make you want to eat; ... show you how much you control your food intake and how that can be bad for you; ... teach you to quickly recognize the emotional wounds that prevent you from eating well; and ... help you love and accept your body, and especially who you are at every moment.


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Just Listen To Your Body And Eat

Chapter One
Why is there so much control?

By not using self-control in your life, you give yourself permission to be yourself, whether in the positive or negative sense. You do not burden yourself with judgment or guilt. You accept yourself as you are at every moment of every day.

When you live this way, it is reflected simultaneously in your mental body, your emotional body and your physical body. As the physical body is more visible, tangible and aware, it is the one you can truly rely on when you want to check to find out what is happening in the other two, more subtle, bodies.

The control we all exercise to varying degrees and in different situations starts at the psychological level. Since we cannot dissociate our three bodies, which together form our material envelope, the control - mental or emotional - is immediately reflected in our physical world, including our diet. When you deny yourself chocolate, for example, you might think you are just exercising physical control. But don't be fooled! It is much more than physical. Control is taking place on the other levels at the same time.

The goal then, of the first two chapters of this book, is to help you become aware of the different methods of control you use and how they influence the way you eat.
What is control?

To control yourself or to want to control others means constantly observing and being on guard. It is in fact a desire to dominate, allowing our ego to win at all costs. Indeed it is our ego that fuels all our fears and makes us act and react in accordance with what it believes, because it is sure that way is best for us. Alas, our ego is not aware that every time we are guided by fear, we are no longer being ourselves; we are no longer listening to our true needs. As our ego was generated, exists and survives by virtue of our mental energy, it is made up only of memory, which is to say that it can only live in the past. It is impossible for our ego to know what our deeper self needs at the present moment.

That is why it is so important to become aware of what is directing our life and what is directing the moments when we are in control mode. Furthermore, identifying the means of control that we are using will help us become conscious of one or more of our wounds.
The link between control and our wounds

I have decided to list the means of control that people use, according to the wound that is activated. For those who are not familiar with the five principal wounds of the soul that are taught at the Listen To Your Body School, they are: REJECTION, ABANDONMENT, HUMILIATION, BETRAYAL and INJUSTICE. Each wound is associated with different ways of controlling oneself or controlling others.

Each time you find your life not unfolding in joy, happiness, peace and harmony, it means that every fear, every ailment or illness, every problem you are going through, whether physical, emotional or mental, is an indication that one of your wounds has been activated and that you are in reaction mode. You are no longer yourself; this wound that was touched makes you wear a mask, a different one for each wound. We wear this mask, believing it will protect us from feeling the pain associated with the wound. To learn more about these masks and about the wounds in general, please refer to my book on this subject 1 .

I want to remind you that we are all born with most of these five wounds, but in varying degrees. These are the obstacles the soul encounters as it seeks to re-unite itself with the spirit, as it seeks total harmony of being. This is why we are constantly reborn: to become aware of these wounds and enable them to heal, helping ourselves in this way to become our true selves again. These wounds are awakened first of all by our parents - or anyone who p

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