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Thoughts Are Things & The God In You - Connect With The Force Within Yourself How to Find With Your Inner Power - From one of the New Thought pioneers, author of Your Forces and How to Use Them, Gift of Spirit & The Gift of Understanding von Mulford, Prentice (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 25.10.2015
  • Verlag: e-artnow
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Thoughts Are Things & The God In You - Connect With The Force Within Yourself

This carefully crafted ebook: 'Thoughts Are Things & The God In You - Connect With The Force Within Yourself' is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. 'The God in You' is a collection of essays written by American 'New Thought' pioneer Prentice Mulford. The goal of the book is to help the reader to discover how to get to know his inner forces and how to get in touch with the god and its' spirit using those forces and possibilities from within himself. 'Thoughts are Things' serves as a guide to this new belief system. Contents: The God in You POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE THOUGHT SOME PRACTICAL MENTAL RECIPES SELF-TEACHING; OR, THE ART OF LEARNING HOW TO LEARN LOVE THYSELF THE ART OF FORGETTING SPELLS; OR, THE LAW OF CHANGE REGENERATION; OR, BEING BORN AGAIN Thoughts are Things THE MATERIAL MIND V. THE SPIRITUAL MIND WHO ARE OUR RELATIONS? THOUGHT CURRENTS ONE WAY TO CULTIVATE COURAGE LOOK FORWARD! GOD IN THE TREES; OR, THE INFINITE MIND IN NATURE SOME LAWS OF HEALTH AND BEAUTY MUSEUM AND MENAGERIE HORRORS THE GOD IN YOURSELF THE HEALING AND RENEWING FORCE OF SPRING IMMORTALITY IN THE FLESH THE ATTRACTION OF ASPIRATION THE ACCESSION OF NEW THOUGHT Prentice Mulford (1834-1891) was a noted literary humorist, comic lecturer, author of poems and essays, and a columnist. He was also instrumental in the founding of the popular philosophy, New Thought, along with other notable writers including Ralph Waldo Emerson. Mulford coined the term Law of Attraction.


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Thoughts Are Things & The God In You - Connect With The Force Within Yourself

Chapter Two

Table of Contents

THE man or woman who if most like you in tastes, motives, and habits of thought, and to whom you feel most attracted, may not be brother, sister, cousin, or any physical relative at all. But such person is to you a very near relation.

Your brothers or sisters may not be like you at all in mind, taste, and inclination. You may associate with them because they are members of the family, but were you not to know them as brothers, sisters, or other relatives, or were you to see elsewhere their exact counterparts in character, you might not like such counterparts at all.

Physical or "blood relationship" has very little bearing on the real or mental relationship. It is possible for a brother or sister, a father or mother to be very closely allied to you in thought and sympathy. Again, it is possible for a father or mother, brother or sister, to be very remote from you in thought and sympathy, and to live in a realm or atmosphere of thought very unlike yours.

You can live neither healthfully nor comfortably, unless with those whose thought-atmosphere (a literal emanation from them) is similar to your own. Physical relationship may or may not furnish such at atmosphere. Compel a labouring man whose thought goes little beyond his eating, drinking and daily round of work, to live exclusively with a company of artists and philosophers, seeing none of his own kind and order of thought, and that man's spirits would in time be depressed, and his health would suffer. The same law works when the superior mind is compelled to constant association with the inferior. Such may be your position among physical relatives.

Children live, thrive and are exhilarated by the thought-atmosphere emanating from their playmates. Cut them entirely off from such association and they droop. As a child, you lived upon this atmosphere of childhood; that is, you lived in the spiritual relationship of childhood, and regarding a certain playful thought nutriment, received it and also gave it to your playmates. You may wonder now why you cannot arouse the old feeling and exhilaration coming either from the associations of childhood or youth. It is because your spirit requires another thought food or atmosphere, which only another and probably higher order of mind can give. That received, and time would pass as quickly and pleasantly as it did with the associates of your earlier physical existence.

Those who can furnish it are your real relations. But such relationship cannot exist unless you can furnish them with the same quality of thought in return. The real or spiritual relations of many merchants, mechanics, and those of other callings, are their brother merchants, mechanics, or those of similar occupations. They prove this by their lives. They feel more at home with those whose business is like their own than they do in the places they may call home, to which they resort to eat, sleep, and spend often a tiresome Sunday, longing for Monday's coming, and the more welcome life of the market-stall and store. Because there they are amongst their real relations, and are being literally led and stimulated by the thought- atmosphere furnished them by these relatives, which they also furnish in turn.

Every order of mind or quality of thought must have association with a corresponding order of mind and quality of thought, or it will suffer. But ''blood relationship" has little to do with furnishing such order of thought.

There is a vast amount of unconscious tyranny exercised through the ties of physical relationship. Children often, when grown up, place the mothers or fathers in their minds in a sphere and method of life where they may or may not care to belong. Then thought, seldom if ever expressed, runs in substance thus: "Mother is getting too old to wear bright colours. She must dres

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