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Body Meditation for Optimal Movement Learn to Listen to the Power of Silence von Morgan, Kevin (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.12.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Body Meditation for Optimal Movement

Loss of mobility is one of the major challenges of aging. This can be due to disease or accident. More often it results from a life-time of poor movement habits. I see this every time I watch crowds of older adults. Struggling to simply walk around. This ebook-based training program, designed to improve aging mobility, is derived from years of personal experience of body movement work and athletics. It's effectiveness is demonstrated by my ability to continue to enjoy Ironman training in my seventies. The ebook is linked to carefully selected, online instructional videos, and other valuable material for improved body awareness. Body meditation for optimal movement is not about physical exercise. It is not about making strenuous efforts. It's about awakening your body-awareness. It's about learning to quietly listen to your body. Body meditation is about learning to listen to the power of silence. Modern technology has not helped with this listening process, You need no tools, apart from patience and quiet, to carry out these simple, and insightful, exercises. Designed to take you back to the ease of movement you enjoyed as a youngster. The body-awareness training methods, that permitted me to create this course, have included Jeet Kune Do (2 years), Kung Foo (2 years), Yoga (2 years), Pilates (1 year), Gyrokinesis (1 year), weight training (10 years), Feldenkrais (5 years) and Continuum (2 years). Each one added new skills to my body movement inventory. What is Body Meditation? It's a carefully selected set of easy exercises, designed to awaken your sense of body-awareness. To help you learn to listen more carefully! The changes are easy to make, and easy to apply, once you open your mind to the power of this simple method. You can do them anywhere. In the grocery line or waiting at a stop light! They rapidly become a valuable part of your life!


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